Trichinelloid Nematodes
Parasitic in Cold-blooded Vertebrates

By Frantisek Moravec
December 2001
ISBN: 80-200-0805-5
429 pages, illustrated
$103.50 hardcover

This book is the first to deal in detail with all trichinelloid nematodes parasitizing poikilotherm hosts (fishes, amphibians and reptiles), covering the families Trichinellidae, Capillariidae, Trichosomoididae, Cystoopsidae and Dioctowittidae. It is meant to provide basic data on all hitherto known species and to enable their exact determination. It summarizes the present knowledge of the taxonomy, morphology, biology and ecology of these parasites, provides keys to identifications, diagnoses of higher taxa and descriptions and illustrations of all species parasitic in cold-blooded hosts. It also gives data on their hosts, localization, distribution and biology. Altogether 113 trichinelloid species and subspecies belonging to 18 genera of 5 families are addressed.

Parasitology; Marine Biology

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