Take Notes, 2nd Edition

People & Places on Banknotes of Israel

By Yigal Arkin
November 2001
Or Ve Zeva Ltd.
ISBN: 965-555-078-8
74 pages, Illustrated, 9 " x 11 "
$27.50 Hardcover

This book deals with a subject of daily concern - money - but from its decorative rather than fiscal aspect. Each note has a story to tell, and some of these stories are presented here, together with additional material and photographs. Some of the photographs are identical to those used on the banknotes; some are similar; some are those from which the banknotes were designed. The banknotes of the years during which the Land of Israel was under the British Mandate are also included since this was an important and gripping period in the history of the Jewish people and its land. These banknotes are an integral part of the fiscal history of the State of Israel. From the birth of the State of Israel in 1948 to the present day Israel has issued 49 banknotes, 39 of which recount the story of a character, a personality, a place or an event tied to the history of the nation. Even those notes with abstract designs, such as the Emergency Banknotes, the Anglo-Palestine Banknotes and the Bank Leumi Series, have an interesting story to tell. Both sides of each note are reproduced here. In addition, there is a picture of the personality or character that appears on the note, further illustrations on the subject, a description of the site or event depicted on the note and tales or legends associated with the topic.

Economic History

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