Theodore Metochites on Ancient
Authors & Philosophy
[In English & Greek]
Semeioseis gnomikai 1-26 & 71

By Karin Hult with Borje Byden
June 2002
Goteburg University
ISBN: 91-7346-434-1
404 pages, 6 x 9 1/8"
$97.50 Paper Original

This book contains a critical edition of 27 chapters of Semeioseis gnomikai, a collection of 120 essays by the Byzantine statesman and scholar Theodore Metochites (1270-1332). Four volumes are eventually planned.

Partial contents include: The Manuscripts-Paris, Venice, Escorial. The Muller and Kiessling edition. Text, translation, notes. The antithesis of philosophy & rhetoric. Semeioseis gnomikai-brief description, models, parallels. Beck on the nature of the Semeioseis, The preface-titles, aporia. Purpose. Poem 12. Nikephoros Gregoras, Letter 23. Metochites on prose style. Bibliography. Index of passages. Index of Greek words. Index of Greek names.

Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia LXV

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