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Third Way . . . or Feeding the Fat Cats

By Michael Barratt Brown
April 2002
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-664-8
16 pages[cover]
$5.95 paper original

In this pamphlet Michael Barratt Brown critically examines Prof. Anthony Giddens's Fabian Pamphlet 'Where Now for New Labour?' Giddens's stated aim is to defend New Labour, and the Third Way, against its critics, with a wholesale onslaught on 'old Labour'. Barratt Brown looks in detail at what Giddens means by 'old Labour', and exposes these 'myths of the left'. He then assesses New Labour's embrace of the private sector in providing public services and the role of business in government. "In regard to the major aim of reducing inequalities in Britain, Giddens is entirely complacent about New Labour…" writes Barratt Brown, who cites the relevant statistics on widening income gaps between rich and poor.

Socialist Renewal, New Series, No. 10