Topics in the Theory
of Gibbs Semigroups

By Valentin A. Zagrebnov
December 2003
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 90-5867-330-8
191 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$72.50 Paper Original

Contents include: Semigroups and their generators, The exponential function, Contraction semigroups, Quasibounded semigroups, Norm continuity, Holomorphic semigroups, Holomorphic semigroups on a Hilbert space, Perterbations of semigroups, Trace ideals, Compact operators on a Hilbert space, The canonical form of a compact operator, Gibbs semigroups, Generators, P0-Perterbations of generators, Holomorphic Gibbs semigroups, Product formulas, The Lie Product formula, Product formula: norm convergence, Trace norm convergence: error bound, Non-self-adjoint Gibbs semigroups, Bibliography.

Leuven Notes in Mathematical & Theoretical Physics, Vol. 10, Series A

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