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Torah of the Mothers

Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish Texts

Edited by Ora Wiskind Elper & Susan Handelman
December 2000
Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-7108-23-3
510 pages
$30.00 hardcover

Here is a landmark collection of essays and teachings culled from years of Bible and Jewish study by highly accomplished women Torah scholars and educators. Each contributor brings her own area of expertise to bear, providing novel & refreshing insights into biblical & rabbinic texts. Some of topics include: Reflections on a Living Torah. With Every Goodbye You Learn. Physical Infertility & Spiritual Fecundity. Attitude Around Women's Issues. Jacob's Encounter with Pharaoh. Earth's Hollow Space to the Stars. Reading Midrash Today. Self-Affliction on Yom-Kippur. Essence of Spiritual Exile. Book of Exodus-a Search for Identity. Children of Israel. Nation of Israel. Torah of the Mothers-Beyond the Study Hall.

Theology; Religion