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Torah Commentary, 7 Volumes --2nd Edition
Midrash Rabbeinu Bachya.
Vols. 1 & 2: Genesis. Vols. 3 & 4: Exodus. Vol. 5: Leviticus.
Vol. 6: Numbers. Vol. 7: Deuteronomy

By Bachya ben Asher
Annotated & translated from the Hebrew by Eliyahu Munk
April 2003
Urim Publications, Israel
ISBN: 9657108454
2,913 Pages
$250.00 hardcover set

The commentaries by this 14th Century scholar is based upon four underlying principles: the plain text of the Torah; a deeper and more philosophical approach; a homiletical approach; and a mystical kabbalistic interpretation. Contents include: Index of Subject Matter. Genesis (Vol. 1-2). Exodus (Vol. 3-4). Leviticus (Vol. 5). Numbers (Vol. 6). Deuteronomy, Index of Biblical & Talmudic Sources, Index of Midrashic & Post-Talmudic Sources, Bibliography (Vol 7). The translator and editor is a international scholar who has translated a string of classic Bible commentators.

Theology; Judaism