Torah Commentary, 7 vol., 2nd ed.

By Rabbeinu Bachya Ben Asher
June 2003
Urim Publications                                           
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9657108454                                            
7 Volumes
$250.00 Hardcover


This beautiful seven-volume set is indispensable for any serious Torah student. It presents in easy-to-read English the complete classic Torah commentary of Rabbeinu Bachya Ben Asher, a monumental 13th-century Spanish Torah commentator. Rabbeinu Bachya was the first to formulate a Torah commentary based on the four principles denoted by the word "PaRDeS"—Peshat, the plain meaning of the text; Remez, a deeper, more philosophical approach; Drush, a homiletical approach; and Sod, a mystical, kabbalistic interpretation.

Rabbeinu Bachya's commentary achieved tremendous popular acceptance during his lifetime, and it has stood the test of time. It remains an essential work for understanding the Torah.


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