Transnational Evaluation of the E.C.HO Project

Chantal Van Audenhove, Kristiina Kärkäpää, et al.
December 1997
ISBN: 90-5350-690-X
93 pages
$24.50 paper

This report describes the results of the transnational evaluation of the E.C.HO network. The evaluation has two purposes. First, the starting points, key tasks, target groups and working models of the multinational partners differ. Therefore, it was considered important to get systematic information about the transnational work, co-operation and key tasks of all the 10 partners of the Multinational E.C.HO network. Secondly, it was regarded as feasible to create an evaluation scheme that could be used as the basis for transnational evaluation in future Horizon projects. This book reviews the results of the evaluation and formulates critical comments and recommendations for future E.C. projects.

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