Undoing Harm
International Perspectives on Interventions
for Men Who Use Violence Against Women

Edited By Mona Eliasson
November 2004
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 9155460003
166 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$45.00 Paper Original


Men who use violence against their women (ex-)partners, constitute a problem not only for the women but for all of society. Different kinds of approaches are necessary to protect victims, stop ongoing violence, and prevent both repetition and initiation of violent acts to control, frighten and dominate women. Efficient programs have been developed and tried in different countries.

In this volume comprehensive assessments of needed interventions are presented together with research on the efficacy of programs by an international group of scholars from the field. Although there are obvious differences in legal contexts, philosophies, and experiences in different countries, results show that the combination of a legal and a re-educational approach is both necessary and most effective for re-forming most groups of violent men. Much can be learned from the experiences of programs derived from the Duluth model, but applications have to be adapted to specific conditions and countries.

For some men the need to assess the risk of them attacking women again is part of the intervention. However, the combination of a carefully planned approach based on current knowledge and equally careful assessments and follow-ups over longer periods of time seems to give the best results. Research from a broad social and cultural perspective, including gender in-equalities, can also be a tool for application and refining knowledge to improve interventions and reform violent men.

Women in the Humanities, No. 3

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