Unification of Bulgaria 1885
A Photo History

Edited By Maria Karadecheva, et al.
TRANSLATED from the Bulgarian by Yordan Kosturkov
December 2005
Vion Publishing
ISBN: 9549501574
112 pages, Illustrated, 9 ½” x 13”
$117.50 Hardcover

This album documents, with full color images and inserts, the Unification of Bulgaria. It includes pictures of artifacts, key historical figures, and drawings and maps of important battles and events.


Chapter 1: Mother Bulgaria
The San Stefano ideal and the partition of the Bulgarian Lands
The struggle against the decisions of the Berlin Congress
Chapter 2: Roumelians or Bulgarians
Principality Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia
Chapter 3: We Shall Fight for the Real Freedom
Preparation of the Unification
Chapter 4: In a Manner Most Noble
6 September 1885
Chapter 5: Slivnitsa
The defense of the Unification and the Serbian-Bulgarian war


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