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Unleash Your Potential
And Take Charge of Your Life

By V. Mohan
November 2002
ISBN: 9679788369
186 pages, Illustrated, 5 x 8 "
$12.90 Paper Original

In this book you will discover the attributes you can acquire and build the groundwork for success. You will learn that you can create miracles in your life! You will

o discover the power that will propel you to your destiny
o discover the secret of harnessing that power to achieve what you want
o create and use three dimensional network dynamics
o discover and use the one key that will unlock the doors to your advantage
o discover the 'power journal' of life to create the future YOU want!
o create personal magnetism.

This book will lay bare the seven secrets for success and for the first time you will achieve total control on all aspects of your life; and realize that they need not be generated by outside circumstances. You will be in charge and begin to celebrate your life!