Very Nice Work If You Can Get It
The socially useful production debate

Edited by Collective Design / Projects
December 1985
ISBN: 0-85124-430-0
214 pages, illustrated
$42.50 hardcover

Socially useful production seeks to join needs with resources. It spans services, products, labor processes, political demands, political theories and social ideas. No single object, movement or project completely contains and delimits the term. Overall, it relates to the specific needs of particular people: young and old, black and white, men and women, fit and unfit, skilled and unskilled, oppressed and liberated.

Contents include: After the Lucas plan. Sheffield city council employment department. Popular planning and the GLC. Making people powerful: Coventry workship. A report from the Unit for the Development of Alternative Products. Not my type- choices in technology and organization for printing. Worker co-operatives in Wales: a framework for socially useful production? Production for development-alternatives from the Third World. Arms conversion: a view from the USA. Present tense technology. Women factory workers-what could socially useful production mean for them? Socially useful production and the unemployed.


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