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Voter Turnout from 1945 to 1997
A Global Report on Political Participation

Edited by Bengt Säve-Söderbergh
December 1997
International IDEA
ISBN: 91-89098-04-8
112 Pages, Illustrated (also includes fold out world map)
$62.50 Paper Original

This report includes an analysis of statistics from more than 1,400 parliamentary and presidential elections in over 170 countries. Easy-to-use colour-coded tables give ready access to election turnout percentages from almost every contested national election that has taken place since the end of the Second World War. Graphs, charts and tables highlight trends in voter turnout in the 1990s, compare turnout between old and new democracies and show variations between first and second generation elections. Political participation in different regions is analysed and corresponding information is presented on the impact of literacy, the relationship between turnout and a country's wealth, and the link between civil liberties and turnout. A colour-coded world map, showing turnout percentages from the most recent national elections, is also enclosed.

Political Science