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War is Peace

Edited by Ken Coates
December 2001
ISBN: 0-85124-660-5
96 pages
$13.95 paper original

This is an excellent collection of essays dealing with current geopolitical issues. Most of the pieces focus on the aftermath of the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Editorial. The algebra of infinite justice (Arundhati Roy). War is peace (Arundhati Roy). New war on terror (Noam Chomsky). 'Humanitarian Intervention' (Harold Pinter). United States, the West and the rest of the world (Johan Galtung). The unfolding design (Achin Vanaik). Thule and Star Wars (Steve Boggin). Peace Dossier. Communications. Reviews (Michael Barratt Brown, Tony Simpson, Ken Coates & Pamela White).

Politics; Society; History
The Spokesman, No. 73