Waterbirds of Bourgas Wetlands
Results and Evaluation of the Monthly
Waterbird Monitoring 1996 - 2002

By M. Dimitrov, et al
October 2005
Pensoft Publishers
ISBN: 9546422363
159 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$79.50 Paper Original

The present book reflects the results from six years of monthly monitoring of the waterbirds in the most important wetlands of Bulgaria - the Bourgas Lakes. Such a monitoring is carried out for the first time in the country. The book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of a comprehensive review of the literature data, the status, the numbers, the breeding and the seasonal dynamics of 149 waterbird species, which are established in the Bourgas Lakes during the monitoring.

The abundant information for each species is presented in text, tables, graphs and maps. In the second part a thorough look at the four Bourgas Lakes with their specific characteristics has been made. The top ten most numerous species for each one of the lakes are presented.

The changes in species composition and numbers dynamic are traced for different months, seasons, years and the last century. The book is written by the members of the Bourgas Wetlands Project, implemented for the period 1996-2204 as a part of Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Program. The book is illustrated with black and white drawings of the well known Bulgarian animalist Assen Ignatov.


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