What's in Your Food?
Your Healthy Lifestyle Guide:
What You Need to Know About Food
Ingredients, Additives, Toxins & Nutrients

By Chia Joo Suan
July 2004
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 9679788679
213 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$20.00 Paper Original

Anyone with an interest in food safety and nutrition and who wants to know more about this issue, as well as those who are health conscious and yearn for a healthier life, and those who have not been looking into the importance of food safety, will find this book most useful. By taking a holistic approach to food, this book looks at such issues as how to select food products with special emphasis on the ingredients and additives used in food products, functions of these ingredients and processing methods as well as how to understand the terminology used in food labels. By taking a closer look at various nutrients found in food, the author suggests ways to select healthy foods, ways to prepare safe food by bringing to light toxins and contaminants in food and ways to reduce or remove these hazardous toxic elements.

AUTHOR BIO: Ms Suan is a food chemist who advocates safe eating habits for a healthy life. She graduated from the University of Otago with a B.S. in science. She holds a master's degree in food science from Cantebury University, New Zealand. She has worked as a food chemist at the Food Technology Research Centre in Malaysia. She is also an esteemed columnist for the daily newspaper, The Star.

CONTENTS: Pining for pineapple. Getting to know the king of fruits. Beneficial bananas. Rice-super staple food. Cooked watermelon? Fine dumplings. Cake to moon over. Don't overlook the sweet benefits. Facts about wholesome eggs.

Benefits of soups. Making a good cup of tea. Popular instant meals. Rice noodles galore. Raw facts. Rich & creamy dodol. Reading & understanding food labels. Types of juices. Treating water at home. Fats and oils. Finding the real fin. What's sweet & safe? Value of canned food. Protein allergens.

Food additives & chemical residues. Toxic mineral residues in food. Heavy metal residues. Know your preservatives. Starch hazard. Concern for soya sauce. Goodness of preserved vegetables. What's in a fruit pickle? Natural toxins in greens. Nut & tuber toxins. Ways to prevents toxins in food. Clean greens.

Toxins from grilling. Toxic air in the kitchen. Prevent rancid oil for tastier food. Microwaveable materials. Microwave cooking tips. Tips for selecting seafood. Goodness from the sea. Selecting cookware. Coated cookware.

Health; Nutrition

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