Why Yesterday Tells of Tomorrow

By Helmut Gaus
December 2001[book cover]
ISBN: 90-441-1205-8
170 pages, illustrated
$24.50 paperback

People's behavior over the last 25 years (1971-1996) shows-in the most widely differing fields-the classical pattern of a rising long wave of anxiety, which is now beginning drastically to fall. The prospect of a falling wave of anxiety, which corresponds with a rising wave in the economy, makes it possible to predict changes of taste, values and behavior for the next two decades.

To gain a precise insight into this, we need some prior knowledge of the long waves of the economy, of anxiety-driven behavior and of the functionality of behavior with regard to underlying psychological needs. Therefore, this book begins by interweaving together three theories and ends with the presentation of twenty concrete future behavioral trends.

Economics; History

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