Workers' Control:
Another World is Possible
Arguments from the Institute
for Workers' Control

By Ken Coates
December 2003
ISBN: 0-85124-682-6
190 pages, 6" x 8 "
$22.50 Paper Original

"Another World is Possible", the slogan of the World Social Forum, throws into vivid relief the hopes and ideals of a new generation of concerned people. But their aspiration was not newly invented at the great gatherings in Porto Alegre, Seattle or Florence. It had also animated very many people of a previous generation, as this collection of writings on workers' control shows.

Trade unionists in Britain pursued their hope of a more fulfilling life in the secure knowledge that if they joined together, a better world was indeed possible. Now, a new generation of trade unionists, internationally, may in turn draw inspiration from the ideas and experiences of those who came together in pursuit of industrial democracy and workers' control.

Contents include: From a Mob to a Movement, Democracy and Workers' Control, Wage Slaves, Forming the Institute for Workers' Control, A Lame Duck Takes Wing, Industrial Democracy and the Quality of Life, Education as a Lifelong Experience, A Lesson from Belgium, Needs, Wilson Sets Up a Commission, The Case for Consumer Democracy, Workers' Producer Co-operatives, A Balance Sheet.


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