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World Catalogue of the Genus Carabus L.

By Boleslav Brezina
May 1999
ISBN: 9546420670
170 pages, illustrated
$63.00 paper original

The World Catalogue of the Genus Carabus is a continuation of "The Checklist of the Genus Carabus" of the same author, published in 1994 (Klapalekiana, 30: 1-2). In comparison with the latter, it includes not only valid names of the subgeneric, specific and subspecific level, but also all synonyms. All taxa described until June 1999 are added to the list. Detailed geographical distributions as well as type localities are given for all taxa. The type localities are mentioned for the synonyms, too. Permanently invalid names (especially junior homonyms) as well as unavailable names are pointed out. The Catalogue comprises the latest studies in the taxonomy including those of DNA-analysis. This book provides an enormous amount of taxonomic and zoogeographical data necessary for each entomologist interested in carabid beetles.