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Women's Political Voice in Asean
Sharing a Common Vision

Edited By Kao Kim Hourn & Norbert Von Hofmann
November 1999
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1-901919-15-3
149 pages, 5 7/8" x 8 7/8"
$79.50 Hardcover

Women in Southeast Asia play an instrumental role in the various aspects of both political and non-political life. And as the region moves closer towards full integration of all ten Southeast Asian nations, there is a need to pay closer attention to the role and voice of women at various decision-making levels. Asean can only be enhanced and empowered if women in this region can be united to participate more fully in the decision making process. Asian women are often negatively portrayed in the media. The media does very little to portray women as agents of change. This book will contribute to the ongoing dialogue on women in politics, especially in the Asean region. Though there do not exist considerable activity of networking amongst women, especially amongst non-governmental organizations, in the region, there are still not enough women representatives in high political positions to push forward women's issues. Furthermore, solidarity amongst female politicians of different political parties at the national level and cooperation at and amongst government and non-governmental levels has to be improved before their voice is heard loud and clear.

Sociology, Politics