Young Person's Guide to the Global
Crisis & the Alternative

By Michael Barratt Brown
November 1999
ISBN: 0-85124-620-6
111 pages, Illustrated, 5 7/8 x 8 1/4"
$26.50 paper original

This book is aimed at young people - in sixth forms, at universities and colleges, in their first jobs, or still looking for a job. It's about crisis in the global economy which seems pretty much of a turn-off, but it has become important, because getting jobs and keeping jobs depend on what is happening to it; and a whole generation could be blighted by it, like the generation that came to the job market in the 1930's.

Job losses, from factories closing the North of England and down-sizing in the midlands, have now reached even into the heart of the City of London. Young people are asking those of us who can remember the last slump in the 1930s what happened then and why it should happen again after 50 or 60 years, with no slumps since then, only some recessions - and a World War. The book should also be useful for the not-so-young, who also want to know what is happening to jobs and money, their mortgages and pensions, in the current crisis.

Spokesman No. 63

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