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You're Learning all the Time
Women, Education & Community Work

Edited By Pam Flynn, Chris Johnson, et al.
December 1986
ISBN: 0-85124-438-6
146 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$42.50 hardcover

This book approaches education and community work from a feminist perspective. The editors draw together the experience and thinking of women as both consumers and providers of education services. They have arranged the contributions in a certain sequence, in order to bring out their complementary and paradoxical content. Thus, "formal" education is sandwiched between the informal learning experiences of community activists and the non-formal, deliberately consciousness-raising approach of adult educators. Elsewhere, the strictures accepted by the Careers Service in terms of qualifying age for non-traditional training are set against the efforts of youth workers and staff at a women's technology center in Leeds to tackle precisely the limited expectations and lack of opportunities for young women. Concluding on a positive note, the contributors examine a variety of ways in which women have sought alternative educational provision to enable others to make up for their lost years.

Women's Studies
Britain's Regions in Crisis, No. 2