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Bioinoculants for Integrated Plant Growth

Contributions to Lichen Taxonomy & Biogeography
Crocker Range: National Park Sabah, Vol. 1: Natural Ecosystem & Species Components
Crocker Range: National Park Sabah, Vol. 2: Socio-Cultural & Human Dimension
Distribution & Phytocoenology of Selected Woody Species of North Korea (D.P.R.K.)
Flora of the Carpathians
Introduction to Nematodes: Plant Nematology
Introduction to Phylogeny & Systematics of Flowering Plants
Medicinal Plants of Southeast Asia
Mimicry, Aposematism and Related Phenomena in Animals and Plants
Phytocartographical Synthesis of the Czech Republic, Volume 3
Plant-Arthropod Interactions in the Early Angiosperm History

Plant Biosystematics

Powerful Garden: Emerging Views on the Garden Complex

Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Buellia Species with Pluriseptate Spores
Vascular Plants of the Russian Arctic & Adjacent Territories
Vascular Plants of Ukraine