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Advertising Management

Asian Wisdom for Effective Management: From Lao Tzu to Miyamoto Musashi

Bad News

Bayesian Applications in Empirical Monetary Policy Analysis

Bayesian Methods in Insurance Companies´ Risk Management

Beyond the PLC

Boomerang Economy

British Energy Policy & the Threat to Manufacturing Industry

Collaborative Strategies & Multi-organizational Partnerships

Common Cents: Managing Your Wealth

Communication Management

Competitive Pound for a Stronger Economy

Cross-Cultural Window on Consumer Behavior

Current Issues in Port Logistics & Intermodality

Customer Value Co-Creation through Reverse Use of Customer Data

Cyber Rules: Strategies for Excelling at E-Business

Director Interlocking & Firm Management

E-Business Essentials

Ecology & Animal Health

E-Commerce: Formulation of Strategy

E-Commerce Book: Building the E- Empire

E-Commerce Guide

E-Commerce Opportunities & Challenges

E-Commerce Strategies

Economic Consequences of the Vickers Commission

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Essays on Strategy Analysis for Seaports

Established & Emerging Business Genres

Europe in Question & What to do about it

European Banks & the Rise of International
Finance after Bretton Woods (1973-1982)

European Cable Companies in South America Before the First World War

Eurosceptic's Handbook: 50 Live Issues in the Brexit Debate

Exchange Rate Target: Why We Need One

Exploring Management Accounting Change in ERP Context

Extending Lending: The Case for a State-Backed Investment Bank

Extending the Collective Consumption of Brands

Fair Trade Without the Froth

Family Matters: Essays on Families & Funding in the Philippines 1850-2014

Four Decades of Uppsala Business Research

Free Trade, "Fairness" and the New Protectionism

From Leader-Centricity Toward Leadership

Gender & Digital Economy

Gender & Political Economy

Gender in Call Centre Work

Genealogy of Governing Economic Behaviour

German Sparkassen (Savings Banks)

Global City 2.0: An International Political
Actor Beyond Economism?

Golden Fleece of the Cape

Hand Book of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Human Reactions to Rare Events

Images of Work and Love: The Dynamics of Economy and
Emotions on the Big Screen in Sweden and Mexico, 1930-1955

In Place of Austerity: Reconstructing the Economy,
State & Public Services

Industrial Heritage Around the Baltic Sea

Information Systems Role in Strategic Agility

International Business and Political Crisis

International Business, Not as Usual

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Islam & Business

Islamic Finance & Banking

Leadership, Spirituality & Common Good

Learning Managers in a Transforming Economy: The Case of Russia 1999-2006

Lessons from Switzerland: How might Britain go about business outside the EU?

Let's Build the Houses--Quick!

Machine & The Worker

Macroeconomics & Beyond

Malay Business:
Revivalism Through Entrepreneurship

Malaysia's Economic Sustainability: Confronting New Challenges Amidst Global Realities

Manufacturing Consensus

Markets & Morals

Multinational Companies & Exploitation of Women in Developing Countries

New Logic of Organizing: Causes and Processes

Non-Standard Employment and Health with Respect to
Sense of Coherence and Social Capital

On the Ocean of Protectionism: The Structure of
Swedish Tariffs & Trade 1780-1830

On the Power of Informal Economies & the Informal Economies of Power

Our Culture of Greed: When is Enough Enough?

Path to Improved Firm Performance with Business
Process Management (BPM) & BPM Systems

Prescribing the Price of Pharmaceuticals

Price That Matters: Britain's Disastrous Exchange Rate Policy

Project Management

Public Relations

Public Relations Management

Rebalancing the British Economy

Records Management in Mobile Work

Regulating a Controversy: Inside Stakeholder Strategies & Regime Transition in the
Self-Regulation of Swedish Advertising 1950-1971

Restoring a Nation of Home Owners: What Went Wrong with
Home Ownership in Britain, & How to Start Putting it Right

Rural Development & Land Use

Shop Stewards' Guide to Work Organisation

Socially Useful Production

Street Cred: Local Banks & Strong Local Economies

Successful Mergers & Acquisitions with Benelux Companies

Sun Tzu's Business & Management Series, 6 Vols.

Supporting Whose Interest? Discussions on Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Media Texts

Sustainable Agriculture

There is an Alternative: An Economic Strategy for 2015

Tourism Management

Towards a Consumer-Centric Definition of Value in the
Non-Institutional Investment Context

Transforming the Market: Towards a New Political Economy

Understanding the Role of Communication in the
Management Accounting & Control Process

Unmasking Austerity: Opposition & Alternatives in Europe & North America

Utilising the Learning Organization for Management Capacity
Building at Makerere University

Where's the Insider Advantage? A Review of the Evidence that
Withdrawal from the EU would not Harm the UK's Exports