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Designing Space-Time Codes Using Orthogonal Designs

English-Russian Dictionary of Electrical & Power Engineering, 4th Ed.
Estimation of Hydrophobicity of Insulating Surfaces by Studying Sessile Water Drops
Identification of Stochastic Continuous-Time Systems
Micromachined Microwave Devices & Circuits
Modelling & Inversion of Pulsed Eddy Current Data
Numerical Modelling of Transients in Electrical Systems
Recent Major Developments in CAE & Vibrations & Audible Noise Analysis of Rotating Electrical Machines
Role of Power Exchanges for the Creation of a Single European
Electricity Market: Market Design & Market Regulation

Structured Electronic Design of High-Performance Low-Voltage, Low-Power References
Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Application of Zeolite Titanium Beta