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Aesthetics of the Popular Arts
Album Vilmorin: The Vegetable Garden. Facsimile Folio Portfolio
Ancient Sculptures in the Royal Museum
Architectural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh
Architecture and Society in Hecatomnid Caria
Architecture Decorated with Architecture:
Later Medieval Temples of Karnataka, 1000 - 1300 AD

Art of Kathakali
Art, Reason and Tradition
Baroque Dreams: Art & Vision in Sweden in the Era of Greatness
Book of Hours of Johannete Ravenelle
& the Parisian Book Illumination around 1400

Bronze Age Anthropomorphic Figurines in the Cesnola Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Buddhist Art in India, Ceylon, and Java
Buddhist Art of Gandhara
Bulgaria: The Land of Treasures
Calukya Architecture, 3 Volume Set:
Medieval Temples of Nothern Karnataka built during the
rule of the Calukya of Kalyana & Thereafter, AD 1000-1300

Choice of Corals
Christian Art Icons from Melnik & the Melnik Region, Bulgaria
Christian Art in Bulgaria
Church Paintings of Gottfried Hendtzschel in Norway -
Past & Future Conservation [CD-ROM Included]: Part I & II

Deeds and Misdeeds in Classical Art and Antiquities

Dutch & Flemish Paintings III

Early Printed Editions of Aeschylus (1518-1664)
Eleven-Headed Avalokitesvara
Feline-Prey Theme in Archaic Greek Art
Global Artworld, Inc.: On the Globalization of Contemporary Art
Guide to the Ajanta Paintings, Volume 1
Guide to the Ajanta Paintings, Volume 2
Icons in Bulgaria
Icons of Monastery Chilander
Indian Theatre

Introduction to Indian Art

Islamic Art

Italian Expedition to the Himalaya, Karakoram & Eastern Turkestan (1913-14)
Jaina Art
Loca Sanctorum Macedoniae:
The Cult of Martyrs in Macedonia from the 4th to the 9th Centuries

Mediaeval Sinhalese Art
Metatheater and Sanskrit Drama
Mughal Painting
Mycenaean Pottery III
North Indian Temple Sculpture
On the Rycroft Painter and Other Athenian Black-Figure Vase-Painters With a Feeling for Nature
Opus Mixtum
Out of Minimalism: The Referential Cube
Painting the Holy Land in the 19th Century
Petroglyphs of Central Asia
Phantasmic Anatomy of the Statues of Mathura
Poetry of Ancient Egypt

Politics & Culture in the Age of Christina

Popular Prints & Imagery


Red-Line Painter and the Workshop of the Acheloos Painter
Scandinavian Design Beyond the Myth

Slaves of the Lord: The Path of the Tamil Saints

Staging Power: Napoleon, Charles John, Alexander

Stockholm Exhibition 1930
Sultanate Architecture of Pre-Mughal India
Swedish West Coast: Through the Artist’s Eye
Temple Gateways in South India
Temples of Bikkavolu
Theatre of Recollection
Transformation of Nature in Art
Treasures of Christian Art in Bulgaria
Treasuries at Delphi: An Architectural Study
Urban Transformation of Medieval Rome, 312-1420
Utrecht Psalter in Medieval Art: Picturing the Psalms of David
Vastu-Sastra, Volume II
Warrior Saints in Old Bulgarian Art: Legends & Reality