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Abstraction & Authority in Textbooks

Adaptive Multilinguals

Advanced Writing in English
A Guide for Dutch Authors

Agreement with Collective Nouns in English

Antedatings and Additions for the Oxford English Dictionary from the
Catalogue of Prints of Political and Personal Satire in the British Museum

Arabic Borrowings in Surayt/Turoyo Within the
Framework of Phonological Correspondences

Arabic Dialect of Tillo in the Region of Siirt (South-eastern Turkey) Textbook

Ars Edendi Lecture Series, Vol. 1

Art of Sanskrit Poetry
Aspects of Multilingualism
Astadhyayi of Panini, Vol. VI
Autonomous & the Passive Progressive in 20th-Century Irish

Bakhtiar Studies: Phonology, Text, Lexicon

Balochi Language of Turkmenistan: A Corpus-Based Grammatical Description

Basic Chinese For Everyone
Basic Japanese Vocabulary: An Explanation of Usage
Basic Principles of Indian Philosophy of Language
Be/Have Variation with Intransitives in English

Becoming a Journalist: Journalism education in the Nordic countries

Beginners Read Aloud:
High versus Low Linguistic Levels in Swedish Beginner's Oral Reading

Border Crossings: Moving Between Languages & Cultural Frameworks

Bridge of Words

British & American Scouting & Guiding Terminology
A Lexo-Semantic Study

Bulgarian: Beyond the First Steps

Bulgarian Language in Practice [In English & Bulgarian]

Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the Hellmut Ritter Microfilm Collection [In Persian & Arabic]

Catalogue of The Persian Manuscripts in Uppsala University Library

Common French Expressions & Idioms
Comparative Etymological Studies in the Western Neo-Syriac (Turoyo) Lexicon

Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan
Languages of India, 3 Vols in 1

Concise Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in Uppsala University Library

Configurations of Culture
(English, French, & Dutch languages)

Contraction in British Newspapers in the Late 20th Century

Counterpoint & Partimento: Methods of Teaching
Composition in Late Eighteenth-Century Naples

Cultures in Dialogue

Daily English & Malay Conversations

(De)coding Modality: The Case of Must, May, Maste & Kan
Descriptive Grammar of Dakkhini

Development of Greek & the New Testament:
Morphology, Syntax, Phonology, & Textual Transmission

Dhammapada: A Translator's Guide

Dictionary of the Pali Language

Discourse Features in Balochi of Sistan [Includes CD-ROM]

Discourse in Statistical Machine Translation

Displaced Literature: Images of Time and Space in Latvian Novels Depicting the First Years of the Latvian Postwar Exile

Easy Arabic--English, Arabic--Malay Conversation

Easy Chinese--English, Chinese--Malay Conversation

Easy Filipino--English, Filipino--Malay Conversation

Easy Japanese--English Conversation

Easy Korean--English,Korean--Malay Conversation

Easy Thai--English, Thai--Malay Conversation

Effects of Planned Change on Estonian Morphology

Element -Stow in the History of English

English-Bulgarian Dictionary, Part 1

English-Bulgarian Dictionary, Part 2

English-Bulgarian Technical Dictionary, 3rd edition

English-Bulgarian Vocabulary of Photo, Film & Video Terms & Definitions

English Complex Prepositions of the Type in Spite
of & Analogous Sequences [In English & Czech]

English Essentials the Easy Way

English for Everyone

English for Malaysians

English in Spoken Swedish

English Mandarin Chinese

English: Tag Question
Eros, Logos, and (Fictional) Masculinity
Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan

Europe--Evropa: Cross-Cultural Dialogues Between the West, Russia, & Southeastern Europe

Evaluating Readability on Mobile Devices

Everyday English & Japanese Conversation

Everyday English, Mandarin Chinese & Malay Conversations

Evidence & the Declarative Sentence
Exploring English Grammar, 2nd Edition
Expressions of Future in Present-Day English: A Corpus-based Approach
Expressions of Politeness and Gratitude: Towards a General Theory
Fresh Ideas in ELT
From Interaction to Grammar: Estonian Finite Verb Forms in Conversation
Fuzzy Negation in English & Swedish
Getting It Together:
A Genre Analysis of the Rhetorical Structure of Open
University Television Programmes in Science & Technology

Gilaki Language

Grammar of the Arabic Language, 3rd Edition

Grammatical Dictionary of Sanskrit (Vedic)
Guide to a Corpus of English Dialogues 1560-1760

How Do You Do It Anyway? A Longitudinal Study of Three
Translator Students Translating from Russian into Swedish

Humour in Language

Implicit and Explicit Norm in Contemporary Russian Verbal Stress
In Speechless Ecstasy: Expression & Interpretation of
Mystical Experience in Classical Syriac & Sufi Literature

Indian Epigraphy

Inheriting the 1990s

International Shahname Conference: The Second Millennium. Conference Volume

Interpretive Functions of Adjectives in English

Intonational Phonology of Stockholm Swedish

Introduction to Hindi and Urdu, An

Judging the Immigrant

Kingship in the Early Mesopotamian Onomasticon 2800-2200 BCE

Laghukatha: A Historical & Literary Analysis of a Modern Hindi Prose Genre

Language Choice & Code-Switching in the Azerbaijani Community in Tehran

Language Contact & Structural Change

Language, Grammar & Linguistics in Indian Tradition

Language in Society

Language Structure and Variation

Late Punic Epigraphy

Latin Linguistics in the Early 21st Century: Acts of the 16th International
Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, Uppsala, June 6th-11th, 2011

Liminality Matters: Balkanism & its Edges in Bulgarian Political Cartoons 2004-2009

Linguistic Images of Emotions in Translation from Polish into Swedish

Martial, Book IX

Mastering English the Easy Way

Mastering Indonesian: A Guide to Reading Indonesian Language Newspapers
Mastering Malay: A Guide to Reading Malay Newspapers
Meaning & Interpretation: Conference held in Stockholm, September 24-26, 1998
Media Fascinations: Perspectives on Young People's Meaning Making

Metamorphoses of Rhetoric

Minority Languages in Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland

Miscellanea Celtica in Memoriam Henrich Wagner
Modality Reference and Sense

Modern Chinese II

Morphosyntactic Corpora & Tools for Persian

Myanmar Phrase Book

Nation & Novel: A Study of Persian & Kurdish Narrative Discourse

Neo-Latin Literature in Sweden in the Period 1620-1720

Nominal Morphology in Russian Correspondence, 1700-1715, Part One

Nominal Morphology in Russian Correspondence, 1700-1715, Part Two

Norm, Variation and Change in Language
On the Use of the Perfect and Pluperfect in Modern Greek
Oral Presentations in English
A Guide for Dutch Speakers

Orthographic Codes and Code-Switching

Pali: A Grammar of the Language of the Theravada Tipitaka

Papers from the Scandinavian Symposium on Syntactic Variation

Passage to a New Wor(l)d:
Exile & Restoration in Mahmoud Darwish's Writings 1960-1995

Pelanduk Pocket Everyday Japanese Dictionary
Pelanduk Pocket Everyday Korean Dictionary
Persian Orthography: Modification or Changeover? (1850-2000)

Place Name Lewes

Position of Objective Personal Pronouns

Predicting Linguistic Structure with Incomplete & Cross-Lingual Supervision

Predictive Adjectives with the Copula byt' in Modern Russian

Preterite & Past Participle Forms in English 1680-1790

Preverbal Adverbs & Auxiliaries

Proceedings of the Fifth Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica
Professorship of Semitic Languages: Jubilee Volume

Qur'anic Term Translation

Reading from the Screen in a Second Language
Empirical Studies on the Effect of Marked Hyperlinks on Incidental
Vocabularly Learning, Text Comprehension & the Reading Process

Recycling Translations: Extraction of Lexical Data from Parallel
Corpora & Their Application in Natural Language Processing

Relativizing Linguistic Relativity

Reproducing Languages, Translating Bodies

Researching the Languages of Ireland

Reversing Language Shift in the Far North

Richard Hodges's The English Primrose (1644)

Sami Language at Home & at School

Sanskrit Grammar
Sanskrit Reader

Second Language Acquisition & Usage

Second Language Acquisition of Mandarin Aspect Markers by Native Swedish Adults

Short Grammar of Bulgarian for English
Speaking Learners, 2nd Revised Edition

Slavonic Translation of the Apocryphal Infancy Gospel of Thomas

Sociolinguistic Study of Language Shift in Mazandarani

The Standardization Process in Latvian

Structure of Matter, Structure of Mind: Man’s Place in Nature, Reconsidered

Support, Resistance & Pragmatism

Swedish Contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists

Swedish Dimensional Adjectives
Swedish School Leavers' Oral Proficiency in English
Systems in Contact, Systems in Motion
Tatar & Chuvash Code-Copies in Mari

Teaching English to Students from China
Tense and Aspect in Caesar's Narrative

Tracking Swedish-American English:
A Longitudinal Study of Linguistic Variation & Identity

Tradition & Translation

Translation as Linear Transduction

Understanding Babel: An Essay in Intercomprehending Analysis

Verbs and War Scroll

Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese

Voices at the Borders, Prose on the Margins

Vowel Systems of Five Iranian Balochi Dialects

Wells, Meres and Pools
What's in a Word?
Write it Right:
How to Overcome the Fear & Avoid the Pitfalls of Writing Compositions

Yes/No Questions in Bulgarian and Macedonian Form