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Access to Information in the Nordic Countries:
A Comparison of the Laws of Sweden,
Finland,Denmark, Norway, Iceland & International Rules

American Business Law

Business Organisations & Corporate Law

Civil Procedure in Sweden
Communicating Justice Providing Legitimacy:
The Legal Practices of Swedish Administrative
Courts in Cases Regarding Sickness Cash Benefit

Compatibility of International and National Environmental Law
Consolidating Legal Reform in Central & Eastern Europe
Constitutional Law: Constitutions

Constitutionalism in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: A Study in Comparative Constitutional Law

Consumer Laws

Copyright Law: A Comparative Study

Corporate Form & International Taxation of Box Corporations

Cyber Laws

Cyberlaw & Its Implications
Dealing with Integration
Deciphering the Meaning of Revealed Law
Dissenting Opinion of Judge Ad Hoc Kreca in Genocide Case
EC State Aid Rules Applied to Taxes

Election Law of Bosnia & Herzegovina [In English & Bosnian]

Environmental Laws

Equal Opportunity or More Opportunity?
Extinctive Prescription and Applicable Law in Interstate Arbitration

Failure of Britain's Police: London & New York Compared

Family Laws

Forest & Wildlife Laws

Free Movement & Tax Treaties in the Internal Market

Global Maritime: Programmes & Organisations

Globalization & the U.S. Law School

Guidance & Constraint: The Action-Guiding Capacity of Theories of Legal Reasoning

How to Teach European Comparative Legal History

Human Rights & International Law Practices

Human Rights in the Global Age

Human Rights in the Global World

Immigration Laws

Implementing Human Rights in Africa: The African Commission on
Human & Peoples' Rights & Individual Communications
Individual, Corporate & Judicial Status in European Cities
Institutional Injustice: The Family Courts at Work
Intellectual Property: Cumulative Index Vol. 1-41

Intellectual Property in the Conflict of Laws

Intellectual Property Rights & Copyright Laws, 2 Volumes

International Criminal Court
Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights, 4th Edition
IT Law
Jewish Legal Writings by Women
Legal History & a Common Law for Europe: Mystery, Reality, Imagination
Legal Perspectives
Life Science Inventions: The Hurdles of Law
Limits of National Claims in the South China Sea
Making Just Rights?
Mainstreaming Women’s Human Rights & a Gender Perspective

National Security and the European Convention on Human Rights
Nordic Data Protection Law
Proactive Approach. Law Libraries
Rolling Out the Map of Justice

Rule of Law & the European Union

Rule of Law Promotion

Scraps of Penal Theory

Shipping Laws

Social Security for Solo Mothers in Swedish & EU Law

Socio-Economic Offences Laws

Stability & Change in Nordic Labour Law

Status of Women in Law in Asian Countries

Swedish Labour & Employment Law

Talmudic Reasoning

Third World Attitudes Toward International Law

Towards Universal Law

Uppsala-Minnesota Colloquium