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Advanced Calculus. Lectures
Applications of Mathematics in Engineering & Economics
Approximation Theory: A Volume Dedicated to Borislav Bojanov

Complex Analysis and Differential Equations

Complex Analysis & Digital Geometry

Formalising Process Calculi

Generalized Nets Modelling of Biotechnological Processes
Geometry, Continua & Microstructures
Geometry, Integrability & Quantization, Volume VI
Geometry, Integrability & Quantization, Volume VII
Geometry, Integrability & Quantization, Volume VIII
Essay on the Foundations of Geometry

Lie Theory & its Applications in Physics, Volume VI

Lie Theory & its Applications in Physics, Vol. VII

Modeling & Control of Bilinear Systems: Application to the Activated Sludge Process

Multidimensional Statistical Analysis and Theory of Random Matrices
On Modelling Nonlinear Variation in Discrete Appearances of Objects
On the Normal Inverse Gaussian Distribution in Modeling Volatility in the Financial Markets
Order Structures in Functional Analysis, Vol. 4

Proceedings of the XXIV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics

Psi-Calculi: A Framework for Mobile Process Calculi

Recent Topics in Mathematical & Computational Linguistics
Reduction of Some Differential Equations to Matrix Systems
Riccati Equations

Uniqueness Questions in Reconstruction of Multidimensional Objects from Tomography-Type Projection Data
Volterra Equations and Inverse Problems