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5 Men & Ideas: Building National Identity
21st Century Malaysia: Challenges & Strategies in Attaining Vision 2020
Abdullah Administration:
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & His Government from Sun Tzu's Perspective

Achieving True Globalisation
After Poland
Ahmed Dogan & the Bulgarian Ethnic Model

Aiding & Abetting: Foreign Aid Failures & the 0.7% Deception

Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia, 1945-1995

Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell: Manifesto 50
Alva Myrdal In International Affairs
America's Gulag: Full Spectrum Dominance Versus Universal Human Rights
Anarchy Within

Another Europe is Possible

Apocalypse Soon: The Spokesman, No. 86

Appointment in Cordoba: Defending Peace & Human Rights

Arms for Oil

Art of Adaptation: A Study on the Europeanization of Finland's Foreign & Security Policy

Asean's Non-Interference Policy
Asia-Pacific's Security Dilemma
Attack and Other Papers
Autonomy & Conflict: Ethnoterritoriality & Separatism
in the South Caucasus - Cases in Georgia

Baltic Democracy at the Crossroads

Beacon of Liberty: Role Conceptions, Crises & Stability in Georgia's Foreign Policy, 2004-2012

Benefit Dependency

Better Off Out? New Edition

Beyond Austerity: Democratic Alternatives for Europe

Beyond the Nation State: Human Rights in Times of Globalization

Blair Revelation: Deliverance for whom?
Blindness & the Multi-Sensorial City
Breaking Away from Russia: Economic Stabilization in Estonia, 1918-1924
Britain in the 21st Century
Brown Studies
Broyd Papers

Buckingham at 25

Buddhist Perspectives on Human Rights

Bulgarian Parliament & Bulgarian Statehood
Captive Local State
Carnage Continues…and now for the Trident
Case of Nikolai Bukharin
Case to Answer: A First Report on the Potential Impeachment of the Prime
Minister for High Crimes and Misdemeanours in Relation to the Invasion of Iraq

Challenge from Nationalism

Challenging Times: Reprint of 1986 edition

Changing Decision-Making Power of Municipal Leaders

Changing the Game: Consociational Theory &
Ethnic Quotas in Cyprus & New Zealand

Chechenya: Political & Geographic Portrait
China & the Bomb
Chinese Dilemma

Choice, Contract, Consent

Citizenship Education Policies & the State

Civil Society & David Blunkett: Lawyers vs. Politicians
Coincidence or Crisis? Prescription Medicine Counterfeiting
Collateral Damage or Unlawful Killings?
Common Ownership

Community, Justice, & Freedom

Comparing No-Party Participatory Regimes

Complicity Against Palestine

Confessions of a Terrorist
Conflict Prevention through Development Co-operation
Conflict Resolution Theories in Practice:
Case of Bosnia & Lebanon Examined

Controlling Weapons of Mass Destruction

Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, January 30, 2014

Corbyn's Campaign

Corporeal Conjunctures No-W-Here

Corrosion of Charity

Costs & Benefits of Large-Scale Immigration: Exploring
the Economic & Demographic Consequences for the UK

Countering Civil Rights

Crisis in Korea
Cromwell & Communism: Socialism & Democracy in the Great English Revolution
Dark Times: Torture
Defending Malaysia: Facing the 21st Century

Demise of the Free State

Democratic Civilisation or Judicial Supremecy? A discussion of
parliamentary sovereignty & the reform of human rights law

Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict

Democracy--Growing or Dying?

Democracy in the Mines
Democracy, Legitimacy & the European Union

Detente and Socialist Democracy

Developing Future Crisis Management

Dilemma of Democracy
Dilemma of Democracy: The Political-Economics of Over-Government
Disarming the New World Disorder
Do We Need Mass Immigration?:
The Economic, Demographic, Environmental, Social & Developmental
Arguments Against Large-Scale Net Immigration to Britain

Does the Past Have a Future?

Drive to Global Citizenship.

Dynamics of European Nuclear Disarmament

Dynamo or Dynamite: Cambodia's Future in Asean
Education for Peace

Egalitarian Liberalism Revisited: On the Meaning of Justification of Social Justice

Empire No More! …the Lion and Wolf Shall Cease

End to Welfare Rights
Environment & Conflict: Analysing the Developing World
Environmental Trap: The Ganges River Diversion,
Bangladeshi Migration & Conflicts in India

England & the Need for Nations, 2nd edition
England vs. Scotland: Does More Money Mean Better Health?
Essays on Imperialism
Ethics and the Arms Trade
Ethnicity, Religion and Politics
EU Framework Decisions: Who is Liable to Pay for
Compensation for Violations of the Rights of the Individual?

EU/EC: Collection of Treaties & Other Instruments [In French & English]
Europe at Peace?
Europe Needs Saving: Defusing the Pensions Timebomb
European Challenge
European Union, United States & Asean: Challenges & Prospects for Cooperative Engagement in the 21st Century
Europeanization of Defence Industry Policy

Euthanasia for Death Duties

Even Unto Gaza: The Russell Tribunal on Palastine

Explaining Coalitions: Evidence & Lessons from Studying
Coalition Formation in Swedish Local Government

Fallujah: Shock & Awe
Federalism: Choices in Law, Institutions & Policy

Feel Free to Say It. Threats to Freedom of Speech in Britain Today

Fighting Closures

Fighting for Aid: Foreign Funding & Civil Conflict Intensity

Fit for European Democracy?

Fixing Broken Britain? An Audit of Working-Age Welfare Reform Since 2010

Foreign Devils, Dictatorship, or Institutional Control:
China's Foreign Policy Towards Southeast Asia

Freedom from Nuclear Weapons through Legal Accountability & Good Faith

From Friends to Foes

From Hiroshima to Fukushima

From Tom Paine to Guantanamo
Full Spectrum Absurdity
Gendering UN Peacekeeping: Mainstreaming a Gender
Perspective in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations

Gender Relations in the Kyrgyz Republic
Genocide Old & New
German Social Democracy

Giant Oil Fields: The Highway to Oil

Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights

Global Education Industry, 2nd Edition
Global Ethic or Global Hegemony: Reflections on Religion, Human Dignity & Civilisational Interaction
Global Greens, Global Governance
Global Terrorism
Globalisation & Its Impact on Asia:
Sharing Knowledge, Ideas & Information

Globalization, Justice & Communication: A Critical Study of Global Ethics

Globalization of Terror

Globalist Manifesto for Public Policy
Government: Whose Obedient Servant?
Haditha Ethics:
From Iraq to Iran?

Has Man a Future?
Healthy IPRs: A Look at Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property
Heart & Soul of the Party: Candidate Selection in Ghana & Africa
Heresies: Resist Much, Obey Little
History of British Socialism, 2nd Edition
HIV & AIDS in Schools

How to Lose a War

Housing: Does It Have to be Like This?

Human Rights [In English & Swedish]:
From the Frontiers of Research

Human Rights in the World

Ideas in Conflict: Effect of Frames in the Nepal Conflict & Peace Process

IEA Yearbook of Government Performance 2002/2003

Imagine Europe


In Search of the State: An Ethnography of Public
Service Provision in Urban Niger

In Service of the European Union
Indigenous Peoples and International Organizations

Inside the Crusader Fortress

Inside the Left

Insurgency & Terrorism in India & Pakistan
Intellectuals and Socialism

International Intervention: New Norms in the Post-Cold War Era?

Introduction to the European Convention on Human Rights, 6th edition

Inventory of National Election Studies in Europe, 1945-1995
Inventory of Political Attitude & Behavior Surveys in East
Central Europe & the Former Soviet Union 1989-1997

Involuntary Action
Is Intervention Humanitarian?: Protecting Human Rights & Democracy Abroad

Is There a Third Way?

Islamic Republics & Nations

Jan Lokpal Bill

Jihadi Terrorism: On the Trail of It's Epistemology & Genealogy

Justice in War-Time

Kashmir: Valley of Terror

Keep Space for Peace

Kurdish Question in Turkey

Lambrakis & the Peace Movement: The Greek May of 1963

Last Frontier: Preparing War in Space

Lectures on Regulatory & Competition Policy
Left in France
Legacies of Harm

Lessons of Chile

Libertarianism & Potential Agents

Living Down the Past

Lost, Stolen or Strayed? Gordon Brown as Socialist Pretender
Major Armed Conflicts in 1987
Making a Lottery of Good Causes
Making Targeted Sanctions Effective:
Guidelines for the Implementation of UN Policy Options

Malaria & the DDT Story
Malaysia & South-South Cooperation During Mahathir's Era: Determining Factors & Implications
Malaysia & the Islamic World
Malaysia in Transition: Politics, Economics & Society
Malaysian-American Partnership
May Day Manifesto: Defending the Welfare State. Mr. Blair's "Reforms"

Middle East Free of WMD?

Military Technology & US-Japan Security Relations:
A Study of Three Cases of Military R&D Collaboration, 1983-1998

Mind the Mind: Strategic Communication in the Swedish Green Party

Morality as Practice: The Santo Daime, an Eco-Religious
Movement in the Amazonian Rainforest

Most Dangerous Decade

Myth & Paradox of the Single Market: How the Trade Benefits of EU Membership Have Been Mis-Sold

Narrative of Peace

National Frontiers and International Scientific Cooperation

National Security & the European Convention on Human Rights

NATO? No Thanks!

New American Century?
New Deal for Asia
The New Design for Nuclear Disarmament
New Labour's Attack on Public Services

Newcomers to Power

Nuclear New Build?

Nuclear Reactors:
Do We Need More?

Nuclear Security: Strategies & Techniques
Obama's Afghan Dilemma
On Fraternity: Politics Beyond Liberty & Equality

On Palestine & Prisoners

One Belt, One Road

One Big Union

One for All or All for One?: A Study of Pentagon
Tapping of Foreign Science & Technology

Onset of Ethnic War as a Bargaining Process
Our Vision of Europe
Out of the Ghetto

Pacifist at War: Letters & Writings of Bertrand Russell, 1914-1918

Passing the Open Windows: A Quantitative & Qualitative
Approach to Immediate Balance & Escalation of Protracted Conflicts

Paths to Power and Patterns of Influence
Peace after War: On Conditions for Durable Inter- State Boundary Agreements
Peace Perspectives for Southeast Europe
Peace-Keeping in a Peace Process: The Case of Cambodia
Peace Register, 1993

Perspectives on the Honours Systems: Proceedings of the Symposiums Swedish &
Russian Orders 1700-2000 & The Honour of Diplomacy

Plea to Economics Who Favour Liberty: Assist the Everyman

Political Awakening: Reprint of 1986 edition
Political Correctness and Public Finance
Political Culture in Somalia: Tracing Paths to Peace & Conflict

Political Economy of European Integration

Political Economy of Human Rights

Political Essays
Political Ideas
Political Risk & International Business

Politics & Culture in the Age of Christina

Politics of Affection: Ex-Combatants, Political Engagement
& Reintegration Programs in Liberia

Power Asymmetry Revisited: Reconciling EU Foreign Policy Goals
& Enlargement Conditionally in the Western Balkans

Power & Ownership: Swedish Left Party

Power Politics & Peace Policies:
Intra-State Conflict Resolution in Southern Africa

Practice & Theory of Bolshevism
Preventing Violent Conflicts: Past Record & Future Challenges
Private Households & Public Policies in 3rd-5th Century Jewish Palestine
Problem of China

Problem with Human Rights Law: Is Out of Control?
Who is Responsible? What is the Solution?

Problems of NATO

Prophecies for the Era of Muslim Terror

Public Services Or Private Profit?
Radical Reader: The Struggle for Change in England, 1381-1914

Rebel With a Just Cause, Vol. 2

Reconciling International Human Rights & Culture

Reflections on Asean: Selected Speeches of
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia

Reflections on Asia

Regime Changers Anonymous

Regime Change in Iran
Regional Cooperation & Conflict Management
Regulating Utilities (1997)
Regulating Utilities: Understanding the Issues

Regulation Without the State... The Debate Continues

Reinventing Socialism

Religion & Terrorism: Interfaith Perspectives

Remaking the Working Class?

Respect & Economic Democracy

Resist Much, Obey Little

Rethinking Higher Education
Retreat of Reason:
Political Correctness & the Corruption of Public Debate in Modern Britain

Return of Political Patronage: How special advisers are taking over
from civil servants & why we need to worry about it

Right to Useful Work: Planning by the People

Rise of the Equalities Industry

Road to Serfdom

Role of the Old & New Institutional Framework in
Combating the Resource Curse in Kazakhstan

Rough Violence: Iraq, Ukraine & Palestine

Safety First: Did the Health and Safety Commission do its Job?

Saving our Streams
Securing Resources by Force: The Need for Raw Materials &
Military Intervention by Major Powers in Less Developed Countries

Semiotics of Politics: Dialogicality of Parliamentary Talk

Shaping the Democratic Order

Short Millennium?
Should We Stay or Should We Go?: Two Views on Britain & the EU
Social Inclusion, Urban Governance & Sustainability
Towards a Conceptual Framework for the UGIS Research Project

Social Democrats,
Socialism and Parliamentary Democracy
Socialism and the Environment
Socialist Enterprise
Society and Ideology in India

Softening the Blow: Who Gains from the EU
& How They Can Survive Brexit

Solidarity for Survival

South Asian Colloquium on Human Rights & Development

Speak Truth to Power

Speaker, The Commons, and Democracy

Special Relationship… with Truth?

Speeches by Tony Benn

Spreading the News
Sri Lanka: Serendipity under Siege
Stakeholders in Foster Care
An International Comparative Study

Star Wars Starts Wars
State Procedure and Union Rights
States in Armed Conflict 1994
States in Armed Conflict 1995
States in Armed Conflict 1996
States in Armed Conflict 1997
States in Armed Conflict 1998
States in Armed Conflict 1999
States in Armed Conflict 2000
States in Armed Conflict 2001
States in Armed Conflict 2002
Steps Towards European Nuclear Disarmament

Strangelove Doctrine: Spokesman No. 80

Strasbourg in the Dock

Straw Wars: Full Spectrum Sycophancy
Studies in Socialism, revision of the 1906 edition

Substandard: Eyewitness Reports Trident

Suicide Bombers: The Spokesman, No. 87

Surging for Oil

Surplus Majority Government

Syria & Iran

Taliban, 2 volumes

Tata Madiba

Taxes, Benefits and Family Life

Terrorism & Kashmir

Terrorism & Militancy in South Asia
Terrorism & Sustainable Development
Think Globally, Act Locally
Third Way . . . or Feeding the Fat Cats
Third Way to the Serville State
Third Way . . . Where to?
Through Bosnian Eyes: The Political Memoirs of a Bosnian Serb


Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership

Timor: Twenty Years On
Tomorrow is Another Country:
What is Wrong with the UK's Asylum Policy?

Towards a New Bretton Woods
Towards a New Socialism

Traces of Transnational Relations in the Eighteenth Century

Trade Union Strategy in the Common Market

Traits & Talks: Lessons About Personality & Deliberation from the
Negotiations Between Nelson Madela & FW de Klerk

Transformative Power Challenged: EU Membership Conditionality in the Western Balkans Revisited

Transition of Self-Management Socialism into Parliamentary
Dictatorship & Economical Protectorate [In English & Bosnian]

Transition: Rethinking the Transition
Trial of Slobodan Milosevic


Trident Undone

Tropical Rain Forest

Tskhinvali: Shock & Awe

Unarmed Victory

Underwater Battlespace

Unemployment: Risks and Reactions

United Nations & the Human Rights

Unlocking Ideas: Essays from the Amigo Society
Unnecessary War

Unruly Dog

Urban Politics

Victory Against All the Odds

Virtual Caliphate

War and Peace in the Gulf
War Crimes: Indicting Tony Blair
War is Peace
War of Words: From Lod to Twin Towers
War on Freedom & Democracy
War or Peace in the Middle East?
War on Terror Runs Amok

Welfare & Values in Europe: Transitions Related to
Religion, Minorities & Gender. Volume 3

Welfare Reform

West, Islam & Islamism, 2nd Ed.

What Have We Done? The Surrender of Our Democracy to the EU

What Price Austerity?

What Price Civil Justice?

What Went Wrong?

What's Ahead for Malaysia?: Contemporary Challenges & Emerging Trends

What's Happening at Fukushima?

WHO, What and Why?

Why Gender Matters in Southeast Asia Politics

With FriendsLike These… Why Britain Should Leave the EU & How

Wild in Woods

Women & Global Economic Order

Women & Politics Worldwide

Women & Their Political Exploitations

Women's Political Voice in Asean

World Trade Organization

You're On Your Own: How Policy Produced Britain's Pensions Crisis