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Abnormal Psychology
Adults with Autism & Mental Retardation
Aging and Spatial Memory


Anger in Children

Animal Phobias & Psycho Somatic Disorders

Biological, Psychological & Social Foundation of Sex Roles

Client Participation in Community Residential Facilities in Mental Health Care

Counsellor for School: A Child Mental Health Perspective

Dimensions of Love: Jewish Foundation of Love & Marriage
Feminist Psychology
Fundamentals of Child Psychology

Geel Revisited after Centuries of Rehabilitation

Gifts of the Heart: Stories to Lift the Spirits

Interface with Stress

Islam in India & Pakistan: A Religious History of Islam in India & Pakistan

Life Before Death

Life-Course Model: A Way to Work with Autism

Mental Health & Hindu Psychology
Perceptual Dynamics: Theoretical foundations
& philosophical implications of Gestalt psychology

Physicists in Parapsychology

Pioneer of Milieu Therapy

Psychological Assessment

Psychology & Psychoanalysis

Psychology of Women, Family & Leadership

Recovery from Work Stress

Stress Management

Studies on Quality of Life: A Methodological & Psychiatric
Approach to the Definition & Measurement of the Good Life

Threat Imminence Approach to Human Fear Responding

ToM test-R

Towards Awareness

Transnational Evaluation of the E.C.H.O Project

Universal Psychosocial Indicator for Five-Year-Old Boys & Girls

Vedic Vision of Consciousness & Reality:
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. XII, Part 3

Voices: Psychoanalysis