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2 Corinthians: A Letter About Reconciliation

A Prince without a Kingdom

Abraham's Faith in Romans 4:
Paul's Concept of Faith in Light of the History of Reception of Genesis 15:6

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: Revivalist of an Intellectual Tradition
Accepting the Yoke of Heaven: Commentary on the Weekly Torah Portion

Acts of the Mind in Jewish Ritual Law
Adi Granth: Or the Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs
Agrippa I
Ahimsa: Buddhism & the Vegetarian Ideal
Al-Tabari's History

Analytical Study of Four Nikayas, 2nd Edition

Ancient Christian Hymn with Musical Notation

Ancient Jewish & Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion

Ancillary Literature of the Atharva-Veda

And You Shall Tell Your Children

Angels & Orthodoxy:
A Study in their Development in Syria and Palestine from the Qumran Texts to Ephrem the Syrian

Annihilation or Renewal

Apocalypticism in the Mediterranean World and the Near East, 2nd Edition

Apocalypticism, Prophecy & Magic in Early Christianity

Aposteldekret und antikes Vereinswesen

Around the Family: Song & Prayers for the Jewish Home. Pocket Edition
Around the Family Table [In English & Hebrew]
A Comprehensive "Bencher" & Companion for Shabbat & Festival
Meals & Other Family Occasions with Insights & Commentary

Architecture of Herod, the Great Builder
Ashvaghosha: The Awakening of Faith, 2nd Edition
Ask the Rabbi: Responsa on Modern Issues
Asoka as Depicted in His Ethics
Asrama System: The History & Hermeneutics of a Religious Institution
Atlas of Medieval Jewish History
Aufgabe und Durchfuhrung einer Theologie des Neuen Testaments
Awakening From Nihilism

Babylonian Prayers to Marduk

Baptist Traditions & Q

Bar Kokhba War Reconsidered: New Perspectives
on the Second Jewish Revolt against Rome

Becoming Hindus & Muslims: Reading the Cultural Encounter in Bengal 1342-1905

Being in Religion

Between Rome & Babylon: Studies in Jewish Leadership and Society

Between Temple & Torah

Between The Lines of the Bible: Exodus

Bhakti and the Bhakti Movement
Bibelkritik und Auslegung der Heiligen Schrift
Bible Reading in Sweden
Birkat haMinim: Jews & Christians in Conflict in the Ancient World
Birth Report Genre in the Hebrew Bible

Book of Amos in Emergent Judah

Book of Giants From Qumran
Book of Psalms in Plain English: A Contemporary Reading of Tehillim
Bread & Fire: Jewish Women Find God in the Everyday
Bringing Heaven Down to Earth:
365 Meditations from the Wisdom of Menachem M. Schneerson

Buddha & the Gospel of Buddhism

Buddha Image: Its Origin & Development, 2nd edition

Buddha's Ancient Path

Buddhacarita or Acts of the Buddha


Buddhism: A Religion of Salvation

Buddhism Among Tamils in Pre-Colonial Tamilakam & Ilam, 2 volumes

Buddhism Among Tamils in Tamilakam & Ilam, Part 3: Extension & Conclusions

Buddhism & Buddhist Literature in Early Indian Epigraphy

Buddhism & Ethics

Buddhism in Chinese Culture
Buddhism in Perspective

Buddhism: Its Essence and Development

Buddhist Aesthetics & Ethics

Buddhist Beliefs & Practices

Buddhist Divinities
Buddhist India
Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar & Dictionary, 2 Volume Set

Buddhist Literary Heritage in India: Text & Context

Buddhist Metaphysics & Ethics

Buddhist Perspectives on Human Rights

Buddhist Records of the Western World

Bulgaria & the Vatican

Bulgarian Christian Civilization

Calvin: Saint or Sinner?

Campaign of Pharaoh Shoshenq I into Palestine
Carlebach Haggadah
Carta Bible Atlas, 4th Edition
Carta’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
Celebrations of Death and Divinity in the Bronze Age Argolid
Central Philosophy of Buddhism: A Study of Madhyamika System

Chaitanya Movement

Challenge of Creation, 3rd edition

Challenge of Religion

Challenging Perspectives on the Gospel of John

Chance & Providence: Discourses on the Inner Meaning of Purim

Child-Parent Relationship in the New Testament & its Environment

Children in Late Ancient Christianity

Christ as Example

Christ the Ideal King

Christian Art in Bulgaria

Christian Identity in Corinth


Christosis: Pauline Soteriology in Light of Deification in Irenaeus & Cyril of Alexandria


Chronicle of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Chronicles: News of the Past, 4th Edition [3 Volume Set]

Church Politics in Seventeenth-Century Rome

Circumcision as a Malleable Symbol

Classical Heritage in Islam

Cleanthes’ Hymn to Zeus: Text, Translation & Commentary

Clergy Existence Challenged

Collective Reinterpretation in the Psalms: A Study of the Redaction History of the Psalter

Colossian Hymn in Context: An Exegesis in Light of Jewish
& Greco-Roman Hymnic & Epistolary Conventions

Confucianism in Chinese Culture
Conscience in Philo & Paul: A Conceptual History of the Synoida Word Group
Covenantal Imperatives


Creation & Composition: The Contribution of the Bavli Redactors (Stammaim) to the Aggada

Creation & Re-Creation in Jewish Thought

Crisis, Covenant & Creativity: Jewish Thoughts for a Complex World

Crisis of Islam

Crucifixion in Antiquity

Crux of Election

Culture, Religion & Spirituality in Coping

Current Approaches to Religion in Ancient Greece

Curse of the Law & the Crisis in Galatia

Daat Mikra Atlas

Danger of Hindutva to Secular India

Das Menschenbild des ThomasEvangeliums

Dawn of Redemption

Dead Sea New Jerusalem Text

Death in the Eastern Mediterranean (50 - 600 A.D.)

Death in the Iron Age II & in First Isaiah

Der Agon bei Paulus: Herkunft und Profil paulinischer Agonmetaphorik
Der Kaiserkult in Judaa unter den Herodiern und Romern
Destroyer & the Lamb: The Relationship between Angelomorphic
and Lamb Christology in the Book of Revelation

Deuteronomy & Exhortation in Hebrews: A Study in Re-Presentation
Development in the Early Buddhist Concept of Kamma/Karma

Development of Hindu Iconography

Development of Islamic Religion & Philosophy in India

Diaries of Rabbi Ha'im Yosef David Azulai
Dictionary of Basic Biblical Hebrew: Hebrew - English

Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms: with Sanskrit and English Equivalents & a Sanskrit-Pali Index

Dictionary of Hinduism:
Its Mythology, Folklore & Development 1500 BC - AD 1500

Die Inkulturation des Christentums

Die Septuaginta

Die Septuaginta: Texte, Theologin, Einflusse

Die Septuaginta und das fruhe Christentum

Dignity Beyond Death: The Jewish Preparation for Burial

Dimensions of Love: Jewish Foundations of Love & Marriage

Discernment of Spirits: Assessing Visions & Visionaries in the Late Middle Ages

Disciples in the Fourth Gospel

Disclosure of Being:
A Study of Yogic & Tantric Methods of Ecstasy

Divine & Human Agency in Second Temple Judaism in Paul

Doctrine of Liberation in Indian Religion
Durga Rahasya

Dybbuks & Jewish Women in Social History, Mysticism, & Folklore

Early Buddhism & Indian Thoughts

Early Buddhism & its Origins
Early Christian Authors on Samaritans & Samaritanism
Early Christians in Ephesus from Paul to Ignatius

Economics of Cult in the Ancient Greek World

Egypt as a Place of Refuge

Einheit der Kirche im Neuen Testament

Elias Bickerman as a Historian of the Jews

Encounter with Buddhism: A Study of the Evolution of Buddhist Thought

Encyclopedia of Jewish Life & Thought, 2nd Revised Edition
End of Deuteronomy in the Epistles of Paul
Eleven-Headed Avalokitesvara
Entertaining on the Jewish Holidays
Equality Lost: Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, & Jewish Thought

Eschatology & Exhortation in the Epistle to the Hebrews

Eschatology in Genesis

Eschatology of the New Testament & Some Related Documents

Essays in Zen Buddhism: First Series
Essays in Zen Buddhism: Second Series

Essays in Zen Buddhism: Third Series

Ethical Conflicts in Buddhist Society

Ethical Theories in Islam

Ethnicity, Religion and Politics

Ethnography of the Gospel of Matthew: A Critical Assessment of
the Use of the Honour & Shame Model in New Testament Studies

Everyday I Bless You: Refelctions of the Healing Power of Shiva

Evocatio Deorum

Evolution of Hindu Sects Up to the Time of Samkaracarya

Exegetische Studien

Expecting Miracles: Finding Meaning & Spirituality in Pregnancy Through Judaism

Exploring Early Christian Identity

Eyes to See: Recovering Ethical Torah Principles Lost in the Holocaust
Face to Face with the Absent Buddha
Feasts in John: Jewish Festivities & the Jesus 'Hour' in the Fourth Gospel
Female Corporeal Performances: Reading the Body in Byzantine Passions and Lives of Holy Women

Feminist Commentary on the Babylonian Talmud

Find it in the Talmud: An Encyclopedia of Jewish Ethics & Conduct

First Christians in the Roman World

Flower of God

Food Offered to Idols in Roman Corinth
For the Love of Israel & the Jewish People
Forces by Which We Live: Religion & Religious Experience
from the Perspective of a Pragmatic Philosophical Anthropology

Form & Intertextuality in Prophetic & Apocalyptic Literature
Formation of the Early Church

Founders of Hilander in Orthodox Chant with Audio CD [In English & Serbian]

Frankreich, Burgund und das Reich im spaten Mittelalter

Freyr's Offspring: Rulers & Religion in Ancient Svea Society

From Dualism to Non-Dualism

From Jewish Magic to Gnosticism
From Martyr to Mystic: Rabbinic Martyrology & the Making of Merkavah Mysticism

From the Lost Teaching of Polycarp
Galatians & the Imperial Cult

Gheranda Samhita

Girl Meets God: The Gift of Being a Jewish Woman

Glauben, Handeln, Verstehen: Band II

Global Ethic or Global Hegemony: Reflections on Religion, Human Dignity & Civilisational Interaction

Global Signifigance of Concrete Humanity

God as a Remover of Obstacles

God as an Alternative?

God Without a Face?

Gog of Magog

Gold from the Land of Israel:
A New Light on the Weekly Torah Portion from the Writings of Abraham I.H. Kook

Golden Bells & Pomegranates: Studies in Midrash Leviticus Rabbah

Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Peter & Early Christian Apologetics

Great Men & Women of Puranas
Gregory Bar-Hebraeus's Commentary on the Book of Kings
From His Storehouse of Mysteries [English & Syriac Languages]

Greek Hymns, 2 Volumes
A Selection of Greek Religious Poetry from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period
Hachut Hameshulash, 6 Vol. Set: Commentaries on the Torah
Haggadah for Passover with Commentary
Happening of Tradition: Vallabha on Anumana in Nyayalilavati
Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Hebrew Bible, Greek Bible & Qumran: Collected Essays

Herbraisches Evangelium und synoptische Uberlieferung

Heresy & Identity in Late Antiquity

Herod Antipas in Galilee:
Literary & Archaeological Sources on the Reign of Herod Antipas & its Socio-Economic Impact on Galilee

Herod: The Man Who Had To Be King
A Novel

Herodian Judaism & New Testament Study

Hidden Way: A Study in Modern Religious Esoterism
Hide & Seek: Jewish Women & Hair Covering
Hindu Diaspora
Hindu Deities: A Mythological Dictionary with Illustrations



Hinduism & Buddhism (2007)

Hinduism & Buddhism, 3 Volume Set
Hinduism & its Sources: Vedic Literature - Tradition & Social & Religious Laws
Historical Jesus & the Final Judgment Sayings in Q

History & Literature of Buddhism
History of Buddhist Thought
History of the Sikhs, 5 volume set
History of Theravada Buddhism in South-East Asia: With Special Reference to India & Ceylon
History of Zen Buddhism

Holistic Haggadah [In English & Hebrew]

I Undertook Great Works

Iconography of the Counter Reformation in the Netherlands
Icons in Bulgaria

Icons of Monastery Chilander

Identity Formation in the New Testament

If We Could Hear Them Now

Ignatius of Antioch & the Second Sophistic
ilam<sihala? An Assessment of an Argument
Images of Illness in the Gospel of Luke: Insights of Ancient Medical Texts
Image of the Judaeo-Christians in Ancient Jewish & Christian Literature
Imagines Sanctae Birgittae, [2 Volume Set]
Impact of Yom Kippur on Early Christianity
Implications of the Sacred in (Post) Modern Media

Indian Muslims

Infancy Gospels: Stories & Identities

Innovation in Jewish Law

Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Volume I: Eastern Europe
Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Volume II: Kleinasien
Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Volume III: Syria & Cyprus

Insights into Islamic Humanism

Intellectual Traditions in Islam

Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Indian Buddhism

Introduction to the Study of Hindu Doctrines

Irony & Religious Belief

Irrevocable Call of God: An Inquiry into Paul's Theology of Israel

Isaiah's Political Message

Islam: Empire of Faith

Islam & Business

Islam for Non-Muslims

Islam in Modern Asia

Islam Today

Islamic Democracy

Islamic Fundamentalism & Jihad

Islamic Political Movement

Islamic Republics & Nations

Islamic Spirituality

Italian Renaissance: Choosing Life in Canada

Iudaea -- Palestina


Jam-e Jahan-nema-ye Abbasi: The Abbasid "Planetarium Cup" On the Benefits of Wine

J,E, & the Redaction of the Pentateuch

Jerusalem & Athens

Jesus in Apokryphen Evangelienuberlieferungen

Jesus Tradition in the Apostolic Fathers

Jesus und die Evangelien: Kleine Schriften V

Jesus und die Steuerfrage

Jesus, the Tribulation, & the End of the Exile:
Restoration Eschatology & the Origin of the Atonement

Jew to the Jews

Jews & Christians in their Graeco-Roman Context

Jews & the World in the Fourth Gospel

Jews in a Graeco-Roman Environment

Jews in the Realm of the Sultans

Jewish Apocalypticism in Late First Century Israel

Jewish Emancipation Reconsidered: The French & German Models

Jewish Holidays: Precursor to Redemption

Jewish Identity in Modern Israel
Jewish Legal Writings by Women

Jewish Literacy in Roman Palestine

Jewish Prayer the Right Way

Jewish Woman Next Door: Repairing the World One Step at a Time
Jewish Worship in Philo of Alexandria
Jews in the Weimar Republic

Jews or Christians?

Jihad & the West

Johannes Nider: Die vierundzwanzig goldenen Harfen

Josephus und das Neue Testament: Wechselseitige Wahrnehmungen. II.
[In German with Some English]

Journal of Prehistoric Religion: Volume XIX-XX

Journal of Prehistoric Religion: Volume XXI

Journal of Prehistoric Religion, Volume XXIII

Journey to Heaven

Judaea-Palaestina, Babylon & Rome: Jews in Antiquity

Judaism for the Rite Reasons:
Concepts & Customs, Sources & Reasons. Illustrated

Judaism on Trial, 2nd edition

Kaddish: Women's Voices

Kalunga Concept in Ovambo Religion from 1870 Onwards

Karma & the Rebirth of Consciousness

Kierkegaard & the Concept of Religious Authorship

Ksatriyas in Ancient India

Land of the Body: Studies in Philo's Represntation of Egypt

Language & Gender

Language, Canonization & Holy Foolishness

Lankavatara Sutra: A Mahayana Text

Latino-Punic Epigraphy

Law & Providence

Leadership, Spirituality & Common Good

Learning to Read Midrash
Let Them Journey: True Stories Uniting the Past with the Future
Stories of Jewish Migration in the 21st Century

Lexicon of Jewish Names in Late Antiquity, Part I
Life After Death in Early Judaism: The Evidence of Josephus

Life of Buddha
Life of Hiuen-Tsiang:
With an Introduction Containing an Account of the Works by I-Tsing

Life of the Buddha:
According to the Ancient Texts & Monuments of India

Lifetime Companion to the Laws of Jewish Family Life

Light of Redemption: A Passover Haggadah Based Upon the Writings of Rav Kook. Hebrew with English Commentary

Linnaeus & Homo Religiosus

Literary Structure & Setting in Ezekiel

Living by Zen
Losing the Rat Race, Winning at Life

Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa [4 Volumes]

Mahayana Buddhism

Majesty & Humility

Malays/Muslims in Singapore:
Selected Readings in History 1819-1965

Man & Beast

Manual of the Wyclif Bible, including the Psalms

Manual of Zen Buddhism

Mark & Matthew 1: Comparative Readings

Martin Bucer zwischen den Reichstagen von Augsburg (1530)
und Regensburg (1532)

Martin Luther

Massekhet Betsah [In English & Hebrew]

Mattaeus Adversus Christianos

Matthean Sets of Parables

Media Salutis

Memory in the Bible & Antiquity:
The Fifth Durham-Tubingen Research Symposium, September 2004

Men, Women & Kabala: Ancient Wisdom, Practical Advise

Messiah & Exaltation:
Jewish Messianic & Visionary Traditions & New Testament Christology

Metaphysics, Analysis & the Grammar of God

Micro-Level Analyses of the Qur'an

Midrash of Rabbi Moshe Alshich on the Torah, 2nd ed., 3 vol.

Mind in Early Buddhism
Minoan Religion
Minoan Religion
Mission-Commitment in Ancient Judaism & in the Pauline Communities
"Mithras Liturgy": Text, Translation, & Commentary
Mitzvot: The Commandments & Their Rationale, 2nd ed.

Moadim LeSimcha: Explorations Into the Jewish Holidays

Modern Orthodox Judaism

Mohammedan Bulgarians (Pomaks)

Moral Language in the New Testament, Vol. II

Morals and Markets

Moses & the Path to Leadership

Muslim Revivalist Movements in Northern India in the 16th and 17th Century

Mystery of the House of Royal Women

Mystical Dimensions of Islam

Mysticism in Maharashtra: Indian Mysticism
Myth and Cult
Myth, Cult & Symbols in Sakta Hinduism

Nagarjuna Revisited: Some Recent Interpretations of his Madhyamaka Philosophy

Narratologie und Biblische Exegese

Neues Testament und Hellenistisch-Judische Alltagskultur

New Inquisition: Religious Persecution in Britian Today

New Perspectives on Martin Buber

Noah, the Flood & the Failure of Man According to the Midrash Rabbah

Novgorod Kabala Books of 1614-1616

Of Kings & Reigns

Office of Saint Olav

Ohr Hashachar: Torah Kabbalah & Consciousness
in the Daily Morning Blessings

Old Testament Apocrypha in the Slovanic Tradition

Old Testament Miracle-Workers in Early Judaism

Om: The Sound Symbol

On Changes in Jewish Liturgy

On Church Slovanic Accentuation

On the Question of the "Cessation of Prophecy" in Ancient Judaism

On the Relationship of Mitzvot between Man &
His Neighbor & Man & His Maker

One Baby Step at a Time

Or Hachayim, 5 Volumes. Commentary on the Torah

Origin & Development of Vaisnavism, revised edition

Origin & Nature of Ancient Indian Buddhism, 3rd edition

Origin of Evil Spirits: The Reception of Genesis 6:1-4 in Early Jewish Literature
Origins of Pauline Pneumatology
Orthodoxy Awakens: The Belkin Era & Yeshiva University
Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism
Outlines of Sikh Thought, 2nd Revised Edition
Painting in the Holy Land in the 19th Century
Parsi Mind
Passover Haggadah--The Temple Haggadah

Passover Haggadah, 3rd Edition

Patristic Tradition & Intellecual Paradigms in the 17th Century

Paul & the Imperial Authorities at Thessalonica & Rome

Paul in Acts & Paul in His Letters

Paul's Definitions of the Gospel in Romans 1

Paul's Macedonian Associations

Pauline Churches & Diaspora Jews

Pauline Communities as 'Scholastic Communities'

Paulus und die kaiserzeitliche Epistolographie


Perek Shirah: Nature's Song, 2nd edition

Persistence of Christian Realism

Perspectives on Women's Everyday Religion

Peter: Apocalyptic Seer

Philo of Alexandria's Views of the Physical World

Philo on Jewish Identity and Culture
Philosophy of the Upanisads

Pioneers of Religious Zionism

Pipe, Bible & Peyote Among the Oglala Lakota

Possession & Exorcism in the New Testament & Early Christianity

Prayers of Jewish Women:
Studies of Patterns of Prayer in the Second Temple Period

Predigt Gegen Ketzer

Preserving the Legacy of German Jewry:
History of the Leo Baeck Institute 1955-2005

Professors on the Parashah: Studies on the Weekly Torah Reading
Protestantism Crossing the Seas

Pseudepigraphy and Ethical Argument in the Pastoral Epistles

Qumran und die Archaologie

Rabbi Haim David Halevy: Gentle Scholar & Courageous Thinker

Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on Pesach, Sefirat Ha-omer & Shavu'ot
Rabbi Meir Kahane: His Life & Thought
Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Torah Sage and General

Rabbinic Authority: The Vision & the Reality

Rational Approach to Judaism & Torah Commentary

Reasonable Doubts

Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam

Redeeming Relevance in the Book of Exodus

Redeeming Relevance in the Book of Genesis

Redeeming Relevance in the Book of Numbers: Explorations in Text & Meaning

Reformation as Christianization

Rejoice in Your Festivals: Penetrating Insights into Pesach, Shavuot & Sukkot

Religion Across Border

Religion & Challenges of Science

Religion & Terrorism: Interfaith Perspectives

Religion in Modern India

Religion of the Ancient Egyptians
Religion, Ethnicity & Identity in Ancient Galilee: A Region in Transition

Religion in Nordic Politics as a Means to Societal Cohesion

Religion, Reality, & a Good Life: A Philosophical Approach to Religion

Religions in Transition

Religiositat im spaten Mittelalter

Religious Apologetics - Philosophical Argumentation
Religious Policy of the Mughal Emperors

Rereading the Mishnah: A New Approach to Ancient Jewish Texts

Re-Reading the Scriptures

Responsiones Vadstenenses

Rgveda for the Layman

Rgvedic Deities and Their Iconic Forms

Righteousness in the Book of Proverbs

Rights & Duties of Hindu Society

Role of Religion in the Early Greek Polis

Roman Attitudes Toward the Christians: From Claudius to Hadrian

Roman Domestic Art & Early House Churches

Sabbath & the Sanctuary

Sacred Bridge: Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World

Sacred Monsters

Sages & Commoners in Late Antique 'Erez Israel

Sages of the Talmud

Saint Birgitta, Syon & Vadstena

Saint Daniel of Sketis

Saints & Sinners [in English & Hebrew]

Sakti's Revolution: Origins & Historiography of Indic Fierce Goddesses

Samaritan Scribes & Manuscripts
Samuel Ibn Tibbon's Commentary on Ecclesiastes

Saul in Story & Tradition

Science & Religion in Islam

Scientific Explanation & Religious Belief

Scribal Habits & Theological Influences in the Apocalypse

Second Chances: Transforming Bitterness to Hope & the Story of Ruth

Sefer Yesira: Edition, Translation & Text-Critical Commentary [In English & Hebrew]

Serpent's Skin

Sexual Symbolism and Merkava Speculation in Medieval Germany
Shari'a in the Constitutions of Afghanistan, Iran & Egypt
Shidduch Crisis: Causes & Cures
Shney Luchot Habrit on the Written Torah, 2nd ed., 3 col.

Silencing the Queen:
The Literary Histories of Shelamzion & Other Jewish Women

Silver from the Land of Israel

Slavonic Translation of the Apocryphal Infancy Gospel of Thomas
Small Acts of Kindness: Striving for Derech Eretz in Everyday Life

Social Structure of the Rabbinic Movement in Roman Palestine

Society, Religion & Poetry in pre-Islamic Arabia

Song of Teshuva

Soul of Jewish Social Justice

Spirits & the Proclamation of Christ

Spirits Behind the Law: The Talmudic Scholars
Spiritual Awakenings: Illuminations on Shabbat & the Holidays
Spirituality as a Public Good

Story of Sukkot

Studien zum Corpus Iohanneum

Studien zur Christologie: Kleine Schriften IV

Studies in Hinduism

Studies in New Testament Lexicography

Studies in Persian Period History & Historiography
Studies in the Lankavarara Sutra
Studies on the Haggadah from the teachings of Nechama Leibowitz

Sturmfahrt und Schiffbruch

Sufi Saints of the Indian Subcontinent

Surangama Sutra (Leng Yen Ching)

Swedish Jews & the Victims of Nazi Terror, 1933-1945

Taliban, 2 volumes

Talmudic Reasoning

Targum & New Testament: Collected Essays

Teaching Right and Wrong

Teaching Through Song in Antiquity

That's What Friends Are For

The Biblical Outlook: Topics in Jewish Philosophy

Theologische, Historische und Biographische Skizzen

Theory & Practice of Mantra

Things Overheard in the Synagogue

Thirty Years of Buddhist Studies

Thoughts To Ponder
Thoughts to Ponder, No. 2.
Daring Observations about the Jewish Tradition

Thoughts To Ponder
Tibetan & Buddhist Studies, 2 volumes
Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation
Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines

Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa

Time to Speak

To Play With Fire
To Study & To Teach: The Methodology of Nechama Leibowitz

To Unify a Nation: My Vision for the Future of Israel

Torah Commentary, 4 volumes

Torah Commentary: Midrash Rabbeinu Bachya 2nd Edition 7 Volume Set

Torah of the Mothers: Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish Texts

Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology, 2nd Edition

Total St Gall

Towards Normality? Acculturation & Modern German Jewry

Traces of Time: Image of the Islamic Revolution, the Hero &
Martyrdom in Persian Novels Written in Iran & in Exile

Traditions & Celebrations for the Bat Mitzvah

Transcendence and Negation
Translation Techniques in Two Syro-Arabic Versions of Ruth

Treasures of Christian Art in Bulgaria

Tribal Religions

Trika Saivism of Kashmir

Trust, Sociality, Selfhood

Truth & Tradition in Chinese Buddhism
Tur On the Torah, 4 Vol. Set: Commentary on the Torah

Tzor Hamor, 5 volume set

Ubersetzung des Talmud Yerushalmi: Bikkurim

Understanding Hinduism
Understanding Tzniut: Modern Controversies in the Jewish Community

Universe of Acharya Sushil Muni: The Philosophy of the World Religion

Unwilling Survivor

Use and Abuse of Female Sexual Imagery in the Book of Hosea
Use of Zechariah in Revelation

Vaisvism, Sivism & Minor Religious Systems

Vajrayana Buddhism

Vedic Mythology
Vedic Vision of Consciousness & Reality:
History of Science, Philosophy & Culture in Indian Civilization, Vol. XII, Part 3

Violence, Power, and Justice

Visions of a Compassionate World

Virtues of Memory [In English & Hebrew]

Visual Dictionary: English-Hebrew

Von Jesus zum Neuen Testament

Von Rom nach Bagdad

War That Wasn't:The Sufi & The Sultan

Way Metaphors & Way Topics in Isaiah 40-55

Way of Mysticism in Islam

Ways that Never Parted: Jews & Christians in Late Antiquity & the Early Middle Ages

What Everyone Should Know About the Qur'an

What Was Mark for Matthew?

Who by Fire, Who by Sword

Who Cares? How State Funding & Political Activism Change Charity

Who's Who in Tanakh: The Complete Biographical Dictionary from Aaron to Zurishaddai

Whose Acts of Peter? Text & Historical Context of the Actus Vercellenses

Window to the Siddur

Windows on the House of Islam
Wisdom From All My Teachers:
Challenges & Initiatives in Contemporary Torah Education

Witnesses in Islamic Law of Evidence

Women and Gender in Ancient Religions

Women at the Crossroads

Women, Islam & Western Liberalism

Women, Men & Angels
Wrestling Jacob: Deception, Identity & Freudian Slips in Genesis
Zen & Japanese Buddhism

Zoroastrianism: From Antiquity to Modern Period