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Advances in Physics & Astrophysics of the 21st Century

Amphibians & Reptiles of Luzon Island Philippines, VIII

Amphibians of the Russian Far East: Advances in Amphibian Research, Vol. 8

Analysis of Matter

An Anecdotal History of Nematology

Annotated Check List of the Noctuoidea (Insecta, Lepidoptera) of North America North of Mexico

Annotated List of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada

Atlas of Biodiversity Risk

Atlas of European Millipedes (Class Diplopoda), Vol. 1

Atlas of the Geographic Distribution of the Arvicoline Rodents of the World

Birds of Azerbaijan

Blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) of Brazil

Bulgarian Antarctic Research: Life Sciences, Vol. 3

Bulgarian Antarctic Research: Life Sciences, Volume 4

Carabid Beetles as Bioindicatators

Cercidiphyllum & Fossil Allies

Chemical Prospecting in the Malaysian Forest

Climate Change: Changing Dimensions of Law & Policy

CO2.1: Beyond the EU's Emissions Trading System

Coastal Staphylinidae (Coleoptera)

Collective Identity of Anonymous: Web of Meanings in a Digitally Enabled Movement

Compact Constraints for Verification of Well Quasi-Ordered Programs

Contributions to Botany

Contributions to the Systematics of New World Macro-Moths II

Contributions to the Systematics of New World Macro-Moths III

Contributions to the Systematics of New World Macro-Moths IV

Current Advances in Scarabaeoidea Research

DELTA for Beginners

Development & Application of Tracking of Pellet Streams

Development of Nyaya Philosophy & its Social Context

Doing Physics--Doing Gender

Dragonflies and Damselflies of South Africa

Efficient Partitioning of Dynamic Structured Grid Hierarchies

Endemism of Subterranean Diacyclops in Korea & Japan, with Descriptions of
7 New Species of the Languidoides-Group & Redescriptions of
D. Berevifurcus Ishida, 2006 & D. Suoensis Ito, 1954

Essay on Thomas Reid's Philosophy of Science

Estimation Using Low Rank Signal Models

Evolutionary Conserved Regulatory Mechanisms of the JAK/STAT Pathway

Exploring the Universe Using Neutrinos: A Search for Point Sources in the
Southern Hemisphere Using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory

Family-Group Names in Coleoptera (Insecta)

Family-Group Names in Coleoptera (Insecta), 2 volumes

Ferromagnetic Resonance as a Probe of Magnetization Dynamics:
A Study of FeCo Thin Films & Trilayers

First-Principles Studies of Local Structures Effects in Magnetic Materials

Fish Invasions of the Mediterranean Sea

Freshwater Fishes of Iraq

Frogs of Australia: An Introduction to their Classification, Biology & Distribution

Getting the Picture of University Physics

Greek Science: Its Meaning to Us

Hadronic Decays of the ω Meson

Historical Perspectives on East Asian Science, Technology & Medicine

Illustrated Identification Guide to Adults & Larvae of Northeastern North America Ground Beetles

Images in Science

Interdisciplinary Studies in Science, Technology, Philosophy and Culture

Introduction to Botany of the Marquesas Islands

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Linnaeus' Course to Achievements in Medicine & Pharmaceutics

Looking at Mammals in Kyrgyzia [In English & Russian]

Magnetic Materials with Turnable Thermal, Electrical & Dynamic Properties

Mammals of Australia: An Introduction to
their Classification, Biology & Distribution

Marine & Brackish Water Gastropoda of Russia & Adjacent Countries:
An Illustrated Dialogue (In Russian & English)

Measurement of the Dalitz Plot Disbtribution

Mechanicus: Performing an Early Modern Persona

Metazoan Parasites of Salmonid Fishes of Europe

Mid-Winter Numbers of Waterbirds in Bulgaria (1977-2001)

Modeling of Electron Cooling

Molecular Systematics of the Wood-Inhabiting, Lichen-Forming Genus
Xylographa (Baeomycetales, Ostropomy-cetidae) with eight new species

Mutational Effects on Protein Structures

Multi-Strange & Charmed Antihyperon-Hyperon Physics for PANDA

Nanoscale Magnetic Oxides & Bio-World

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Vol. 7

Natural & Man Made Disasters, 2 volumes

National Frontiers and International Scientific Cooperation
New Directions in Symbolic Model Checking
New Panorama of Animal Evolution
Non-Invasive Study of Mammalian Populations
Nuclear Theory: Proceedings of the XXII International Workshop on Nuclear Theory

Optical Dissertation on Vision 1746: Facsimile of the original Latin text

Pantanal: Ecology, Biodiversity & Sustainable Management
of a Large Neotropical Seasonal Wetland

Parallel Stochastic Estimation on Multicore Platforms

Phenomenal Crystals: Giant Quartz Crystals, Unique
Minerals in World Museums, Gem Treasures of Brazil

Philosophy of Chemistry

Plant Bugs, or Miridae ( Hemiptera: Heteroptera), of Cuba

Polymeric Biomaterials. Part I: Polymer Implants
Positrons & Positronium for Polymer Thin Film Analysis

Preliminary Study on the Insect Fauna of La-Baha Prvince,
Saudi Arabia, with Descriptions of 2 New Species

Proteins, Cells & Materials

Regulation & Roles of Carbonic Anhydrases IX & XII

Regulation of Hematopoietic Cell Development & Hair Growth in Mouse Models

Religion & Challenges of Science

Restoring the European Beaver

Revision of Neosuarius, A Subgenus of Chrysopodes

Revision of the Bee Genus Chlerogella (Hymenoptera, Halictidae) Part 2

Revision of the Spider Genus Selenops Latreille, 1819,
in North America, Central America & The Caribbean

Revision of the Subfamily Opiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from
Hunan (China), Including 36 New Species & 2 New Genera

Role of Positron Emission Tomography

Sarcophaga of France

Science & Engineering Libraries for the 21st Century

Science & the Public

Science,Technology & Human Values

Scientific Management

Search for Dark Matter in the Sun with AMANDA & IceCube

Secret Hydrographic Surveys in the Spratly Islands
Semi-analytical Long-arc Satellite Orbit Computation &
the Estimation of Time-varying Gravity Parameters

Semi-Aquatic Freshwater Earthworms of the Genus Glyphidrilus Horst,
1889 from Thailand (Oligochaeta, Almidae) with Re-Descriptions of Several Species

SH2 & SH3 Domain Interactions & Characterization of a Novel Protein POSH2

Shallow-water Holothuroidea (Echinodermata) from Kenya & Pemba Island, Tanzania

Shepherds of Pjorsarver

Single Molecule Experiments on DNA with Novel Silicon Nanostructures

Slicing the Earth: A Layer-Stripping Method
Employing a Causality-based Imaging Condition

Spider Family Micropholcommatidae (Arachnida, Araneae, Araneoidea)

State Vector Description of Selected Quantum Systems

Studies of PWO Crystals & Simulations of the pp → ΛΛ, ΛΣ⁰
Reactions for the PANDA Experiment

Studies of the Decay η→π+π-π0 with WASA-at-COSY

Systema Naturae, 1735

Systematic Revision of Operclipygus Marseul (Coleoptera, Histeridae, Exosternini)

Task-based Information Access in Molecular Medicine

Taxonomic Revision & Phylogenetic Analysis of
the Flightless Mancallinae (Aves, Pan-Alcidae)

Taxanomic Revision of the Cymindis (Pinacodera)
Limbata Species Group (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini)

Taxonomy, Morphology, Masticatory Function &
Phylogeny of Heterodontosaurid Dinosaurs

Traditions of Science

Transparent Conductive Tin Doped Indium Oxide

True Shrikes of the World (Laniidae)

Turbulent Reactive Mixing in Process Equipment

Variations on a Theme: The Classification of Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Virtual Reality: Select Issues & Applications

Wheatears of Palearctic: Ecology, Behaviour & Evolution of the Genus

World Catalogue & Bibliography of the Jewel Beetles (Cleoptera: Buprestoidea) Volume 1

World Catalogue & Bibliography of the Jewel Beetles (Cleoptera: Buprestoidea) Volume 2