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Addressing Socio-Cultural Animation as Community Based Social Work

Adoption of the Innovation System Concept in Sweden

African Media, African Children
African Media, African Children is the title of the tenth Yearbook of the
International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media.

Agents & Voices: A Panorama of Media Education in Brazil, Portugal & Spain

Ambelikou Aletri: Metallurgy & Pottery Production in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus

Ambiguity & Minoan Neopalatial Seal Imagery

Ambivalence Towards Convergence
America's Social Revolution
Anarchy Within

Ancient Ports: The Geography of Connections

Another Disability Studies Reader?
People With Learning Disabilities & a Disabling World


Architect or Bee? The Human Price of Technology, 2nd edition

As It Is… An Ode to a Decade of Hidden Issues

Asine III: Supplementary Studies on the Swedish Excavations, 1922-1930

Authenticity & Community: Dealing with the Disabled

Becoming Wilderness

Between Stucture & No-Thing

Beyond Wage Slavery

Blurring the Lines

Bodily Practices and Medical Identities in Southern Thailand

Bridging the World: Alcohol Policy in Transition..

Britain in Crisis

Bulgarian Folk Costumes

Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon: A Technological Study

Changes in Sexual Behavior & Hormonal Contraceptives Use Among Finnish Adolescents

Changing Religious Roles in Pre-Modern Asia

Charles Murray and the Underclass

Checking Up: How the Coalition's Plans to Cut Back on
Criminal Records Checks Have Been Defeated

Children, Media & Consumption

Children & Media
Multisidcipilinary Approach

Children and Media
Image, Education, Participation

Children and Violence

Children & Youth in the Digital Media Culture

Children in the New Media Landscape

Children, Young People & Media Globalisation

Class, Place & Identity in a Satellite Town

Collaborative Strategies & Multi-organizational Partnerships

Co-Management Challenges in the Lake Victoria Fisheries

Combating Social Exclusion Through Education

Communicating Place: Methods for Understanding Children's Experience of Place

Communicating Risks: Towards the Threat Society?

Communicating the Nation: National Topographies of Global Media Landscapes

Conspicuous Compassion: Why Sometimes it Really is Cruel to be Kind
Contagious Interactions
Contesting the Frontiers: Media & Dimensions of Identity
Convention on the Rights of the Child, 3rd Edition

Conversations with Power: Soviet & post-Soviet developments
in the reindeer husbandry part of the Kola Peninsula

Corporate Management Styles: Case Study of Malasian Companies

Corrosion of Charity
Corruption of the Curriculum
Creating Spaces for Action
Crime & Civil Society: Can We Become a More Law-Abiding People?

Crime Prevention the Sun Tzu Way

Crossing Borders & Boundaries in Public Service Media: RIPE 2015

Cultural Change & Urban Identity in South East Asia

Culture, Conflict & Crises in the Icelandic Fisheries

Dalit & Social Justice

Development & Displacement of Women in Southeast Asia

Diaspora & Identity: The Sociology of Culture in Southeast Asia

Diaspora at Home? Wartime Mobilities in the
Burkina Faso-Cote d'Ivoire Transnational Space

Diasporic Narratives of Sexuality: Identity Formation Among Iranian-Swedish Women

Digital Public Sphere: Challenges from Media Policy

Disabled People: Citizenship & Social Work

Diversity in Theory & Practice: News Journalists in Sweden & Germany

Do We Need Mass Immigration?:
The Economic, Demographic, Environmental, Social & Developmental
Arguments Against Large-Scale Net Immigration to Britain

Doing Physics--Doing Gender
Dynamics of Parenting

Emancipation's Dead-End Roads?
Studies in the Formation and Development of the Hungarian Model for Agriculture and Gender

Emergence of Eco-Feminism & Reweaving the World

Emergence of Enclaves of Wealth & Poverty

Emergent Voices of Southeast Asian Women Novelists

Emerging Media Toddlers

Encounters with Mycenaean Figures & Figurines

Encyclopaedia of Media, Broadcasting & Publishing

Encyclopedia of Social Welfare in the 21st Century, 4 volume set

Ending Dependency

Enemies of the People: Whistle-Blowing & the Sociology of Tragedy

England vs. Scotland: Does More Money Mean Better Health?
Equal Opportunity or More Opportunity?
Established & Emerging Business Genres
Ethics Beyond Finitude
Ethnicity, Religion and Politics

European Dawn: After the Social Model

Europeanisation of Gender Equality

Exercising Peace

Experts by Experience in Poverty & in Social Exclusion

Exploitation of Women

Explorations of American Culture

Exploring Quality Assurance for Interprofessional
Education in Health & Social Care

Exporting the Public Value Test

Facilitating Leadership
Facing Arab Women
Failure of Britain's Police: London & New York Compared
Families Without Fatherhood, 3rd Ed.
Family, The (1993)
Family (versus) Policy
Family Policy, Family Changes: Sweden, Italy & Britain Compared
Farewell to the Family?
Feline-Prey Theme in Archaic Greek Art

Female Employment, Gender Roles, & Attitudes

Feminism & Anthropological Theory

Feminism & Nationalism in the Third World

Feminist Politics & Human Nature

Field Survey of The Vasilikos Valley Vol.III

Food & Celebration From Fasting to Feasting:
Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the International
Commission for Ethnological Food Research

Food for All

Forests, Spirits & High Modernist Development: A Study of Cosmology
& Change among Katuic Peoples in the Uplands of Laos & Vietnam

Fragmenting Family, The: Does it Matter?

Free-Market Feminism

Freedom and Fairness

Freedom of Expression & Media in Transition: Studies & Reflections in the Digital Age

From Her Point of View: Woman's Anti-World in the Poetry of Anna Swirszczynska

From Liberal to Labour with Woman's Sufrage: The Story of Catherine Marshall, 2nd ed.

From Public Service Broadcasting to Public Service Media

From Slaves to Princes: The Role of NGOs in the Contemporary Construction of Race
& Ethnicity in Salvador, Brazil

From Welfare to Work
Future of Technology

Gaining & Proving Yourself in Social Competence

Gender & Political Economy

Gender & Slum Culture in Asia

Gender Discrimination & Human Rights
Gender-Related Terms in English Depositions, Examinations & Journals, 1670-1720

Gender Relations in the Kyrgyz Republic

Gender Socialization & Sex

Greece and Gender

Greek-Swedish Excavations at the Agia Aikaterini
Square, Vol. IV, 2 volume set

Global Campaign for Women's Human Rights

Global Perspectives on Re-Entry: Exploring the Challenges Facing Ex-Prisoners

Head and Hand in Ancient Greece

Health Care in France & Germany

Health Inequalities & Risk Factors among Migrants & Ethnic Minorities, Vol. 1

Health of the Nation: Avertying the Demise of Universal Healthcare

Health, Work Ability & Healthcare Needs of Finnish Female Prisoners

Helping the Poor

Hide & Seek: Jewish Women & Hair Covering

Higher Education for Everyone

History of Swedish Broadcasting

History of the Press in Sweden

Human Rights [In English & Swedish]:
From the Frontiers of Research

Identity Construction: The Case of Young Women in Rasht

Ideological Horizons in Media & Citizen Discourses

Illegal Yet Licit

Images of a Forest People

Imagination in Power

Imagine Europe

Implementing a Vision

Indian Philosophical Systems

Indigenous Peoples and International Organizations

Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants & Ethnic Minorities, Vol. 2

Influences of Mediated Violence

Inside Out: How Interventions in Child & Family Care Work

Integrated Policies on Gender Relations, Ageing & Migration in Europe
Lessons from the Network for Integrated European Populations Studies (NIEPS)

Intercultural Communication
International Comparative Perspective on Children & Youth at Risk
Invention of Permanent Poverty
Italian Communists Speak for Themselves

Joint Action for Jobs

Journalism in Conflict & Post-Conflict Conditions: Worldwide Perspectives

J.R.B. Stewart: An Archaeological Legacy

Judging the Immigrant

Just a Piece of Paper?


Labraunda & Karia

Law & Child Labour in Malaysia
Liberating Women From Modern Feminism
Licensed to Hug, 2nd edition

Life: The Malaysian Style!

Making Change: Nordic Examples of Working
Towards Gender Equality in the Media

Making Ends Meet: Entrepreneurship in a Bangladeshi Village

Making News with Citizens

Making Sense Digitally

Malaysia's Socioeconomic Challenges: Debating Public Policy Issues
Managing Transformations in Eastern Europe
Manual on Gender Mainstreaming at Universities

Manufacture of Minoan Metal Vessels

Manufacturing Europe

Mapping Study on International Migration


Mastos in the Berbati Valley

Meaning-Making Variations in Acculturation & Ritualization

Meaning of Matrimony: Debating Same-Sex Marriage

Measuring Professional Judgements

Media & Terrorism

Media Accountability in Tanzania's Multiparty Democracy

Media Accountability Today & Tomorrow

Media & Information Literacy & Intercultural Dialogue 2013

Media & Information Literacy for the Sustainable Development Goals

Media & Monarchy in Sweden

Media for Democracy Monitor: A Cross National Study of Leading News Media

Media Innovations: A Multidisciplinary Study of Change

Media Literacy Education: Nordic Perspectives

Media Meets Climate

Media Mergers & the Defence of Pluralism

Mediated Crossroads: Identity, Youth Culture & Ethnicity

Mediatization & Religion

Medicine for Uncertain Futures

Men & Women: Gender, Judaism & Democracy

Mental Revolution: Promoting Economics,
Education & Religion in Malaysia

Mind-Forg'd Manacles

Mobile Messages: Young People & a New Communication Culture

Money Troubles … War Crimes

Moravian Bretheren & Himalayan Culture

Mothers' Social Citizenship: The logics & effects of the German & Swedish welfare states

Multinational Companies & Exploitation of Women in Developing Countries

Neighbourhood Politics in Transition: Residents’ Associations and
Local Government in Post-Apartheid Cape Town

New Asian Women

New Information Technology & Women

New Wars, New Media & New War Journalism: Professional
& Legal Challenges in Conflict Reporting

New Working Class

Newly Emerging Needs of Children
An Exploration

Noblemen and Kinsmen

Nordic Media & the Cold War

Nordic Public Service Media Map

Not So Silent: Women in Cinema Before Sound

Obesity & Pregnancy

Ochsenkrater-Grab from Nicosia Ayia Paraskevi

Octavia Hill and the Social Housing Debate

Offender-Desistence Policing & the Sword of Damocles

On the Origins of Urban Development Programmes in Nine European Countries

Online Together: Sociological Study of the Concept of
Togetherness & the Contermporary Conditions for Social Interaction

Opportunities for Media & Information
Literacy in the Middle East & North Africa

Opuscula 1 2008

Opuscula 3, 2010

Our Lives as Database: Doing a Sociology of Ourselves:
Czech Social Transitions in Autobiographical Research Dialogues

Out of the Ghetto
Outlooks on Children & Media:Child Rights, Media Trends,
Media Research, Media Literacy, Child Participation, Declarations

Outside the World: Cohesion & Deviation among Old Colony Mennonites in Boliva
Parental Leave Institutions in Eighteen Post-War Welfare States

People of Tibet

Per Terram, Per Mare: Seaborne Trade & the Distribution of Roman Amphorae in the Mediterranean

Picturing the Public

Pigs' Meat
Playing with Fire: How do Computer Games Influence the Player

Plya-Kokkinokremos: A Late 13th Century BC Fortified
Settlement in Cyprus Excavations 2010-2011

Political Correctness and Social Work

Polyblastia in Northern Europe & the Adjacent Arctic

Poverty of Multiculturalism
Power! Black workers, their unions and the struggle for freedom in South Africa


Producing the Internet: Critical Perspectives of Social Media

Professional Identity & Self-concept of Estonian Social Workers

Prolonged Exile in Relative Isolation: Long-term Consequences
of Contrasting Refugee Policies in Tanzania

Propaganda of Progress: The Case of Swedish Housing Exhibitions

Prostitution in Thailand

Psychosocial Aspects of Domestic Violence

Public & the Police in the UK

Public in Public Service Media

Public Religions in Swedish Media

Public Roles & Personal Status: Men & Women in Antiquity

Public Service Media from a Nordic Horizon

Public Service Media in the Nordic Countries

Punishment as a Crime? Perspectives on
Prison Experience in Russian Culture

Pyramids: Between life and death

Race & Faith: The Deafening Silence

Recording & Use of Information in a Client Information
System in Child Protection Work

Reflective Assent in Basic Care

Refusing Treatment: The NHS & Market-Based Reform

Regaining the Initiative for Public Service Media

Rehearsing Emotions

Remaking the Working Class?

Repression in Latin America

Responsibility to Protest

Rethinking Civilisation in a European Feminist Context:
History, Nature, Women in Elin Wagner’s Vackarklocka

Rethinking Disability: The Emergence of New Definitions, Concepts & Communities

Rethinking Embodiment in Feminist Media Studies

Right to a Home
Right to Useful Work: Planning by the People

Rising Crime and the Dismembered Family

Roles & Rituals of Indian Women

Roof Over Your Head


Sampler of International Media & Communication Statistics 2010

San Giovenale, Vol. 5, Fasc. 2

Scandalous! The Mediated Construction of Political
Scandals in 4 Nordic Countries

School-to-Work Transitions in International Comparison

Schools of Citizenship: Charity & Civic Virtue

Science, Technology & Society

Searching for Equality: Sex Discrimination, Parental Leave
& the Swedish Model with Comparisons to EU, UK & US Law

Second Thoughts on the Family

Self-Management on Trial

Shepherds of Pjorsarver

Shifting Responsibilities & Shifting Terrains

Simple Justice

Sindhis of Malaysia: A Sociolinguistic Study

Small Among Giants

Social Charter and the Single European Market

Social Democrats

Social Inclusion Roadmap for Europe 2020

Social Mobility Myths

Social Policy & Health Insurance in South Korea & Taiwan

Socio-Economic Offences Laws

Solidarity for Survival
Soviet People with Female Bodies: Performing Beauty & Maternity in Soviet Russia in the mid 1930-1960s

Speaking Up & Talking Back?

Spreading the News

Stakeholders in Foster Care
An International Comparative Study

State and Minorities
St Ann's: Poverty, Deprivation & Morale in a Nottingham Community

Sticking Up for Siblings

S(t)imulating a Social Psychology: G.H. Mead & the Reality of the Social Object

Stockholm - Belgrade

Streets,Spaces & Places: Three Pompeiian Movement Axes Analysed

Support, Resistance & Pragmatism
Swedes in the Twin Cities:
Immigrant Life & Minnesota's Urban Frontier


Tangential Modernity: Culture of Higher Education Reform in Pakistan

Tangled Web: Why You Can't Believe Crime Statistics

Techno Feminism

Teletext in Europe: From the Analog to the Digital Era

They've Had a Good Innings: Can the NHS Cope with an Ageing Population

Time Out! Getting Life Back on Track

Tom Mann's Social and Economic Writings

Towards a Better Internet for Children?

Towards a More Equal Society

Transformation of an Immigrant Society

Transnational Families in the Making

Training for Model Citizenship: An Ethnography of Civic
Education & State-Making in Rwanda

Transnational Media Events

Trees & Woodlands of South India

Understanding Chinese Consumers

Unequal But Fair?

Unexpected Voices

An Unhealthy Decade
Value of Life

Values & Development in Southeast Asia

Value of Public Service Media

Violence Against Women

Voice Matter: Communication, Development & the Cultural Return

Voices: Modernity & its Discontents

We Are Like Chameleons: Changing Mediascapes, Cultural Identities & City Sisters in Dar es Salaam

We Love to Hate Each Other

Welfare & Values in Europe: Trasitions Related to
Religion, Minorities & Gender, Vol. 1

Welfare & Values in Europe: Trasitions Related to
Religion, Minorities & Gender, Vol. 2

Win Without Fighting: Learn from Sun Tzu how to Handle Difficult
Persons, Resolve Conflicts and Enjoy Great Interpersonal Relationships

Winning the War on Drugs

Women & the Misogyny of Religion

Women in Ancient & Medieval India

Women & Digital Divide

Women & Economic Justice

Women & Global Economic Order

Women & Information Technology

Women & Kinship

Women & Politics Worldwide

Women & The Internet

Women & Their Political Exploitations

Women in New Asia

Women in Science, Engineering & Technology

Women, Islam & Western Liberalism

Women on the Move

Women, Social Justice & Human Rights

Women, Work & Media Image in Cultural Expression

Work-Ins, Sit-Ins, and Industrial Democracy

World of Women in Pursuit of Human Rights

Young People & Gendered Media Messages

Young People, ICTs & Democracy

Young People, Media & Health: Risks & Rights

Young People, Soap Operas & Reality TV

Youngsters Between Freedom & Social Limits

You're Learning All the Time

Youth Engaging with the World, Yearbook 2009